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When to Start Using Steroids – Part 2 When to Start Using Steroids – Part 2
When contemplating using steroids, one should really ask themselves, “what can I do until my body reaches the proper age to do steroids, without... When to Start Using Steroids – Part 2

by Ed Barillas, Staff Writer

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When contemplating using steroids, one should really ask themselves, “what can I do until my body reaches the proper age to do steroids, without doing them?” If you are at the tender age of 14 or 16 this is when your hormones area going bananas. Your body is going hard in creating its own hormones and does so without you doing anything at all. First off start with a good supplement, diet and exercise plan.  In looking at your workouts focus on the most basic compound movements such as, barbell curls, squats, bench press and so on. If you work out 4 days per week with at least 8 hours of sleep you will be off to a good start. If you add on the protein that you consume you will most certainly see some good results after a while. Make sure to take a good protein shakes with whey isolate, creatine and lots of multi vitamins.when to use steroids

Make sure to add almost any good protein to your shakes, 2 per day is good and 3 solid meals will top you off with lots of good healthy snacks along the day such as peanuts, fruits etc.   Stay off the soft drinks, energy drinks anything that says Diet on it, even if its diet water, don’t drink it. The more natural you go the better the results will be as well as your quality of life. Remember that all that goes into your mouth should be to help you gain strength, speed, muscle and recover without any negative side effects.

By the time you reach 16-18 you should have had most of your growth and you should be able to make a few adjustments now. Your workouts can be a little more specialized as you start off with new exercises and you can add more to your diet and nutritional plan such as glutamine before bedtime and perhaps some ZMA supplements.

Then when you reach the age of 18-21 you will be just about done growing and this is the time that you should hit some more protein. Try to hit your body weight in grams in protein from various sources. You should also be working out constantly and know what your body can and cannot do.   Now this is the time to start using steroids and if used correctly you will give you long and lasting results. Be sure to read up on the orals as many think that it should be used as late as possible since they are harmful to the body. Read up and be prepared on the side effects of steroids as some AAS will make your sex drive almost null and void and your sperm count will be low as well.

Make sure to ask around in our steroid forums any question that you may have and to read the stickies in them, as they are full of wisdom and knowledge. Look at what it takes to use steroids correctly. Workouts properly, eat properly and rest properly and all will be well. Good luck!