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When To Start Using Steroids – Part 1 When To Start Using Steroids – Part 1
When should I start? How old should I be to start? Should I start with steroids? These are all common questions that ramble around... When To Start Using Steroids – Part 1

by Ed Barillas, Staff Writer

When should I start? How old should I be to start? Should I start with steroids? These are all common questions that ramble around the head of a younger person when they begin to entertain the notion of bodybuilding. The main issue is that many do not understand the idea of the hard work, strict regime and lifestyle change that is involved with those who seriously get into the sport of bodybuilding because, after all, it is a sport like any other and requires skill and patience to learn. We here at Steroidology want you to reach your goals without making the common mistakes made by many of using steroids at too young of an age. I have seen it over and over again in our forums where many young males ask never ending questions about how and when to start their first cycle. Once our moderators find out the age of such younger men, some as young as 14, they are guided with a firm but wise hand and told to wait until their bodies stop developing before they begin.when to start steroids

So with this in mind, at what age should a person begin using steroids? The first things that one must know is that a males hormone levels are on a contact rise from the age of 12 to about 26 as 26 is the usually age when a person’s testosterone levels begin to decline until they are all but gone around the age of 40.   Keep in mind as we all went through it, males that is, that when puberty hits at the usual age of 12 there is a large flux in hormonal patterns in the body, which are the cause of body hair growth, a deepening in the voice, growth in height, and of course pimples. The hormone levels increase so much that they have been equaled to a mild steroid cycle.   So it would be counter productive to add something to the mix such as AAS since when it is added to the body the body sees this extra level through a feedback loop in the body known as the Hypothalamus. Once the hypothalamus recognizes an increase in hormones the body will shut down its own production of hormones until these levels decrease. Estrogen and cortisone are 2 hormones in the human body bodybuilders do not need any more of. Keep in mind that the more AAS your body had the more your body will try to lower those levels and when this occurs you will get all the side effects that are typically associated with AAS use such as hair loss, gyno, high blood pressure, kidney, liver damage, and the list goes on.

You should really reach your normal full growth before starting with steroids. To figure out your genetic potential first look at your:

  1. Age
  2. Weight
  3. Height
  4. Build

You should also look at other members of your family. So if each male in your family is around 5 7’’ and weighs from 150 to 170 pounds and have lost all their hair at the age of 25 then it would be wise to think that you will also end up like that by the time you hit 25 and stop growing. If you work out and eat properly for around 4 years you would be able to add on 15 pounds or more of muscle tissue and this is what your genetic potential would be. So if you begin to start using steroids at that point say, 165 to 185 pounds you will be able to add another 20 pounds more or less, and if you had started using steroids when you were 125 pounds and gained 25 pounds by using steroids you would still be short of what you could of gained naturally and thus it becomes harder to try to gain 30 to 40 pounds. This puts a tremendous amount of pressure on your body to work harder and can even lower your life expectancy.

Remember that steroids do not in any way make up for a proper workout, diet program. There are many people out there who begin to use AAS and then start to slack as in their ill formed opinion that AAS is supposed to do all the work. But its actually the exact opposite as when you start to do AAS this is when your regime should be more strict and all the rules should be swiftly observed. So for those of you who are 18 or so, relax, don’t rush things, your body will still be there in 3 or 5 more years and then it will be in prime shape to take AAS and give you the best results.

Always keep in mind that no matter how much AAS you do it will mean nothing without a proper diet and workout routine and rest. Don’t forget that for every inch gained of muscle you must continue to work at keeping that inch and gaining more and more until you achieve your over goals.

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