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The best way to look at a fat loss equation is to make sure there are more calories going out than coming in. Butt...

The best way to look at a fat loss equation is to make sure there are more calories going out than coming in. Butt there needs to be enough calories coming in to sustain yourself throughout the day.  First, you need to eat the right amount of protein in your diet.  Protein cannot only be used to get big, but to lean out as well.  Every time you eat you burn calories, just like you burn calories walking or going to the gym.  The reason for this is that the breaking down of food takes energy and in that it burns calories as well. The scientific term for this is called thermogenesis.

picture of african american girl eating healthy lunch

african american girl eating healthy lunch

Here’s how thermogenesis works. When you eat something that is nearly all fat, say a tablespoon of butter which yields 100 calories, about 3% of those 100 calories are burned off as metabolic heat. Three percent or three calories are burned in order to breakdown, digest, and absorb that tablespoon of butter.  So when it comes to protein it takes 30 calories to the energy found in 100 calories of protein.  For example, when you eat a small chicken breast that is 100 calories your body burns 30 calories in breaking it down.  Then, that 100 calories from the chicken then turns into 70 calories.

The next way to increase fat burn is to eat 5-6 meals to muscle you up and slim you down.  Eating more frequently increases your metabolism, which in turn increases your thermogenesis rate.  Over a 6-12 week period a person that is eating 6 times a day will have more weight loss than a person that is eating 4 times a day because of the added increase in metabolic rate.

The third way is to eat less at night.  You can also benefit by eating less to no carbohydrates and more protein in your final meal of the day.  The reason for this is because as you continue to eat carbohydrates during your first five meals of the day, the body’s reserve tanks for carbohydrates (called glycogen) begin to fill up. The closer they come to being full, the smaller the thermogenic effect.  And when you have your protein you need to have a very low calorie vegetable with it like lettuce, broccoli, asparagus, cucumbers, and peppers.

Fourth, you need to rotate your carbs because your thermic effect begins to fall as you become full of glycongen, which comes from carbs.

Lastly, you should use a thermogenic supplement formula, which is also a rapid fat loss and energy booster.  These are used to support and increase thermogenesis, this leads to accelerated fat loss.  The up side of these kinds of formulas is also that they can curb your appetite so it will make dieting more bearable.