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The Importance of Spousal Support While Dieting The Importance of Spousal Support While Dieting
by 3J, One of the key ingredients in a successful nutrition program is willpower and motivation. Many people who take the time to... The Importance of Spousal Support While Dieting

by 3J,

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spousal support diet

One of the key ingredients in a successful nutrition program is willpower and motivation. Many people who take the time to plan out a nutritional program are more likely to be successful in such a program.  These people usually play it smart.  They remove TEMPTATION from their life to make it easier.  Rummaging through their kitchen, they get rid of all junk food or anything else that would stray them away from the set goals they have in mind.  It is a wonderful practice.  But what happens when you cant get rid of the things in your home because those things do not belong to you?

One of the most important aspects of sticking to a program is environmental support.  Getting rid of junk food, for example, is a form of environmental support.  But the largest form of environmental support, or lack thereof, comes from family, friends, and especially your significant other.  As human beings we all have triggers, we are no different than Pavlov’s dog.  When we see food we like, we salivate, we start to gain an urge.  That urge is called temptation and it can flush your program and the goals you have set up for yourself down the drain.  

Usually, your spouse is the most influential person of your adult life.  Having spousal support is actually one of the bigger factors in reaching your goals.  Imagine you have created a nutrition program that is perfect or even worse, have paid a professional nutritionist to create one for you.  Your spouse is not on board.  So, as you sit there and eat your chicken and sweet potatoes she is scarfing down jack in the box, McDonalds, ____________ (<- insert crap food here), or your favorite cultural dish. Obviously these foods are not a  part of your program, but you start to get that urge, that craving, for foods you enjoy eating.  Nothing throws a wrench in a program like someone sitting in front of you eating your favorite foods while you’re scarfing down chicken, potatoes, and 8 cups of salad.  Sooner or later you’re going to break and start eating junk food again. Before you get on a program, you have to make sure your partner will get on it with you.  If your partner is not on top of the program with you, it makes the program that much harder for you to  follow.  Its the equivalent of one person in a relationship being diabetic and the other eating candy every day in front of him. 

Talk to your partner, explain to him/her what you want to do.  Tell your partner you need his/her help and cannot do it with them.  Having someone who will help you, cook for you, motivate you to go to the gym, and do many other productive and proactive things is an invaluable tool! Many nutritionist (like myself) will offer strong discounts to couples who want to sign up together in order to reinforce this bond between the two people and give them a better chance at making a true lifestyle change and reach their goals.