Uncover the truth about Anabolic Steroids uses in bodybuilding

EPIDEMIC: Of Low Testosterone In American Men
Thomas O’Connor, MD   August 2016 Is it true? With all this hype on men turning into women, I decided to take some time and do some of my own research on this topic for myself- here is what I found. A recent, well done study peers into what is... Read more
The PCT Specific Diet: Why many people fail in post cycle therapy by 3J
Today I would like to discuss a very important topic that seems to be overlooked by most amateur steroid users, post cycle therapy nutrition. Having been a nutritionist on steroid forums for almost a decade I can tell you that there isn’t a gold standard knowledge as to how... Read more
Anabolic Steroids and Sex
Anabolic Steroids and Sex: The Good, The Bad and the Libido. By Thomas O’Connor MD     5/28/16   Ok, this is going to be a good one! My articles are never boring, as I discuss how anabolic/androgenic steroids-AAS cause medical issues like early cardiovascular disease, low testosterone, gynecomastia and sundry... Read more
hCG (human Chorionic Gonadrotropin) Use and Proper Storage

In anabolic users, hCG (Human Chorionic Gonadrotropin) is used to combat the shutdown of LH. hCG mimics the luteinizing hormone (LH) allowing for the user to stimulate the testes for testosterone production …

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How Testosterone Replacement Helps CHF

Chronic congestive heart failure (CHF) remains a significant cause of mortality and morbidity, which accounts for 5% of acute hospital admissions…

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How Testosterone Helps the Heart

As it is commonly reported in the media that steroids can cause your heart to blow a ventricle, kidneys to implode, and your liver to disintegrate. But is this actually true? ,,,

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Can You Boost Natural Testosterone?

There is an extremely common question that I am asked by patients and it is usually asked like this – “Can you boost your body’s production of testosterone naturally?” The answer is no…

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Testopel, the ideal testosterone replacement

The first question is if testosterone replacement is right for you. If the answer is yes then the next question is what is the best method.

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Top 5 fitness science breakthroughs of 2011

As we start the New Year, Steroidology takes a look back at the important scientific studies of 2011 that will impact the way we get in shape in 2012 and beyond. Important studies into weight loss, anti-aging, muscle growth and supplements top this year’s list…

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Adding HCG to testosterone replacement therapy
Small doses of Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin should be added to Testosterone Replacement Therapy because there numerous benefits. Usually when physicians administer TRT there are the complaints of the shrinking of the testicles. Regardless of the benefits of TRT, shrinking of the testicles isn’t very enjoyable.  Testicle shrinkage happens due... Read more

Dr. Tom O’Conner is one of the few, lucky people who has found his niche in life. Combining his love for power lifting and his passion for healing, Dr. O’Conner has reinvented himself as the Anabolic Doc – a self-described healer for the underculture of body builders…

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