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Benefits of Frontloading

by Ed Barillas, Staff Writer

In this article we will be discussing “frontloading” of long ester-based testosterone cycles. Frontloading is the term for loading the steroid compound in the first weeks to facilitate its access in the blood stream. As we all well know, when we are going to run an injectable steroid cycle with long esters (such as Primobolan, Deca Durabolin, testosterone Enanthate, Cypionate and Boldenone), it is best to wait from 3 to 6 weeks to get what is called the kick – a full peak of the compound’s activity in order to reach the maximum anabolic state and keep it until the end of the cycle.frontloading

Therefore, when we are in a high anabolic state and the protein synthesis is raised, this is the time to add some good calories to fully avail the massive transport of amino acids in the muscle cells. For a first timer, to have to wait for the chemicals to “kick in” is not easy, so its best to “kick start” the cycle through one of these three methods:

1. First off, add an oral in the first 4-5 weeks of cycle to get some gains, even from the beginning days, although these will be mostly water gains for the majority of cases.

2. Second, try substituting the long ester with a shorter one for the first 2-3 weeks. So in other words, use Test Propionate to start and Test Enanthate for the rest of the course.

Some intermediate users should also try adding a short ester in conjunction with the longer cousin and run both for the first 2-3 weeks, then keep just the long esterified substance for the entire duration of the therapy.

3. Frontloading the long esterified compound in the first week and doubling the dose. This is probably the most effective manner yet to get benefits from the first weeks of a long esterified steroid intake. Before you consider how this method works, take a good look at the most used long esterified compounds’ duration, which is referred to as the activity time:

Main Long Esters Active Lifefrontload chart

  • Cypionate: 15-16 days
  • Undecylenate: 7-9 days
  • Enanthate: 8 days
  • Decanoate: 14-16 days.

Let’s take a look at a 14 days-active ester. Since we know that any esterified compound is expelled from the body after its active-life duration, we will take into account a theoretic injection protocol of 1 shot per week (every 7 days, its half-activity, or half-life).

Standard injection protocol at 500mg/week for 4 weeks:

WEEK 1: 500mg; substance left at the end of the current week: 250mg

WEEK 2: 500mg + 250mg; substance left at the end of the current week: 375mg

WEEK 3: 500mg + 375mg; substance left at the end of the current week: 437.5mg

WEEK 4: 500mg + 437.5mg; substance left at the end of the current week: 468.75mg

This shows us that we won’t never get those 500mg we’re injecting every week all the time as the minimum amount of compound guaranteed in the blood.

To make sure that you will have at least the amount of testosterone you’re injecting every week regularly circulating in the blood you just have to add 1 more dosage of the substance in the first week. That’s it!

This concept will make a lot of sense if you look at the following example:

WEEK 1: 1000mg (2x500mg); substance left at the end of the current week: 500mg

WEEK 2: 500mg + 500mg; substance left at the end of the current week: 500mg

WEEK 3: 500mg + 500mg; substance left at the end of the current week: 500mg

WEEK 4: 500mg + 500mg; substance left at the end of the current week: 500mg

With this protocol, the compound is swiftly active from the first week, just for having frontloaded it with 1 more shot than the usual protocol, and this way the chemical levels are even more stable (=less sides) and higher in the blood.

This should help you out to get relatively quick results from a long esters cycle.


SWAT steroids

Steroid-Peddling Pimp Sheriff Highlights Cops on ‘Roids

June 20, 2014

A recent internal investigation by the King County Sheriff’s Office in the state of Washington found that one of its own deputies was dealing steroids and also pimping his wife to other officers.

Deputy Darrion Keith Holiwell, 49, was booked Thursday morning on charges of promoting prostitution, theft and drug violations. Holiwell was on paid leave due to an injury.

Investigators said they found steroids, HGH and ecstasy inside his home and that he sold anabolic drugs to fellow officers. Along with his drug dealing, Holiwell also pimped his wife around the Seattle area using the Website Backpages.com.

SWAT steroids

Deputy Darrion Holiwell was arrested for selling steroids to fellow SWAT team members, stealing from his department and pimping his wife.

Holiwell was a 19-year veteran and SWAT team member. It was to his fellow SWAT team members that he is believed to have sold the majority of the steroids and HGH. “The SWAT team is under a big black cloud and they know that, ” said King County Sheriff John Urquhuart at a press conference following the arrest. He said additional arrests may be made in the future but the team will operate normally until the end of the investigation.

In addition to the steroid ring and the pimping, Holiwell was also involved in a scheme to steal brass rings from the department’s shooting range and sell them to local gun shops.

Holiwell is just the most recent officer to be caught involved in steroids. (Read More here.) While it may be apparent to readers of Steroidology that there are a lot of police officers who are juicing, most departments turn a blind eye to the issue. Police officer unions are also active in making sure testing for steroid use doesn’t become the norm.

While using steroids or other performance-enhancing drugs may seem like a good idea for cops whose jobs require strength and agility, the fact is police using steroids without proper supervision can be a hazard to public safety. When steroid use goes unchecked, users can experience varying degrees of emotional distress. Add that up with tense situations and loaded guns and you have a recipe for disaster.

This is why departments and the police unions don’t want to address the problem. Imagine what kind of lawsuits would arise if an officer shoots someone and then is found out to have been on steroids. It is quite possible that there have been officer involved shootings that could have been avoided if the officer involved wasn’t on steroids, or had used them properly under the supervision of a doctor.


DNP (2,4-Dinitrophenol) CAUTION!

diagram of dnp

Adding extra carbs to your diet, a multivitamin, an energy supplement, a thyroid drug such as T3 and possibly some taurine


Molecular Formula C6H4N2O5
Molecular Weight 184.11
CAS Registry Number 51-28-5
EINECS 200-087-7
Melting point 106-112 ºC
Water solubility 0.6 g/100 mL (18 ºC)

DNP isa Poison. DNP is a compound used by bodybuilders to trim fat off their bodies. It works by making the cellsin the muscles work harder than normal to do any activity merely walking on DNP is more difficult than without taking the drug. What this means is that the body will search out more energy to power its tasks and its choice of supply while on DNP is fat. If this sounds too good to be true it is. DNP is dangerous enough to cause blindness and even death. Adding extra carbs to your diet, a multivitamin, an energy supplement, a thyroid drug such as T3 and possibly some taurine for cramping may help with some of the side effects of DNP, but even experienced steroid users recommend only taking small doses only a couple times a week and for only a 20 day cycle maximum.