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Beginner’s guide to power squats
The power squat is a great lift to gain strength in you legs.  If squats are done with good form will not damage the knee, it will only strengthen the knee.  The placement of the bar should be about 1.5 inches below the tops of the deltoids, which means... Read more
Using chains when doing squats
When doing squats it is a very effective training tool to use suspended chains.  The way to set up is to hang two 8 foot chains over the mono-lift.  Each chain should be in line with the grip rings and half the chain should be on each side of... Read more
Executing proper squats
1.) To do a proper squat you should first get into an athletic stance.  For some odd reason if you don’t know what an athletic stance is, it when you place your feet about shoulder width apart. 2.) Now from this position you need to place your weight into... Read more