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Steroids and Relationships – Truth or Discrepency? Steroids and Relationships – Truth or Discrepency?
I have followed a policy of truth with my wife. When I initially met her, I told her nothing about my involvement with anabolics... Steroids and Relationships – Truth or Discrepency?

by 3Js,

I have had the pleasure of being a mod on a few forums over the years. With that position comes a lot of time spent on the forums. Today I want to brush up on the use of anabolics and their impact on the users relationship with their significant other. It is no secret that the use of anabolics in society comes with a taboo. Anabolic steroid users are considered “meat heads” who are uneducated and know nothing but the gym. They are also thought to be druggies and people who “cheat to get ahead.”steroid relationship

Believe it or not, this whole idea of anabolic steroid users first started in the Olympics and then blew up due to accusations of use in the MLB. With that came the shame of use as we know today. But the truth is anabolic users are educated people who want to follow a healthy lifestyle for the most part. So what happens when you have a spouse or significant other who doesn’t know about your anabolic use? Do you keep it from them? Do you tell them straight out?

I have followed a policy of truth with my wife. When I initially met her, I told her nothing about my involvement with anabolics. My reasoning for hiding it was simple, I didn’t know her well enough to tell her I used anabolics. I believe rule #1 in disclosure is the value of disclosing such information to a person. In other words, if the girl is just a fling, treat her that way. She doesn’t need to know your use of anabolics just as she doesn’t need to know your deep dark secrets.

But what happens when you decide you want to take it a step further? The day I decided I wanted to take my relationship further, I decided I needed to disclose my use of anabolics. You see, a policy of truth comes with consequences. You have to be prepared for an onslaught of questions and concerns from your significant other who is likely more uneducated in the topic of steroids than a child. They only know what they hear: steroids are bad for you. When I told my now wife that I had used anabolics in the past she freaked out a little bit. Her worries were about my health. So you have to explain the use of anabolics to your wife like you would a newbie. You have to be honest about the risks and benefits. You have to be able to debate the use to her and validate your use. If you cannot put her mind at ease than you will never win. If you get angry and give her an ultimatum, that might be the last thing you give her.

Is it worth losing your significant other over the use of anabolics? Absolutely not! But, if you do tell her and she absolutely refuses to accept your choices then maybe that person is not the right person for you?

Hiding the use of anabolics from your significant other is never a good idea. In a relationship trust is the most important thing. Once that’s out of the picture your whole world could become a mess. I’ve seen multiple relationships go down the drain because someone’s girlfriend or wife found his anabolics and confronted him. Take the road less traveled in this situation. Talk to your loved one. Tell them you what you want to do. Be kind and be patient with them as they process the information. When I told my wife I wanted to go on HRT, I did so with bloodwork and educational material. She didn’t hesitate to allow me to get medicated once she saw everything. Give your significant other a chance to accept who you are.

Good luck to you all!