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Roid Rage Singer Pleads Guilty in Murder Plot Roid Rage Singer Pleads Guilty in Murder Plot

Singer Tim Lambises of the Cristian metalcore band As I Lat Dying pled guilty in a San Diego court on Tuesday for trying to hire a man to kill his estranged wife. He now faces nine year sentence.lambesis

Police in San Diego arrested Lambesis last May after he gave an undercover officer $1000 and instructions on how to kill his wife who had filed for divorce in September of 2013. At his first arraignment, the singer plead not guilty. However, as the case moved on in the courts and in the press, lawyers for Lambesis said he had begun abusing steroids which he blamed for his behavior.

“His thought processes were devastatingly affected by his steroid use,” said Lambises’ lawyer Thomas Warwick in a statement during court arguments.

The details of the case showed different motives, however, including multiple affairs and a serious mistress at the time he hired the undercover officer to kill his wife although she admitted that he had become “obsessed with bodybuilding” as well as getting tattoos.

In testimony by one of the deputies that questioned Lambesis, an even more plausible motive was given – he wanted his wife dead because she was going to get up to 60 percent of his income and would not allow their children – ages 4, 8, and 10 – to go on tour with him.
Ironically, it was Lambises’ own personal trainer Brett Kimball who testified that the singer “wanted to know if maybe I could find someone do [kill her] for him.”

Lambesis had been married to his wife Meggan for eight years before she filed for divorce citing his “obsession with bodybuilding” and multiple affairs. Lambesis also emailed Meggan in the summer of 2012 saying he no longer loved her and no longer believed in God.


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