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Alpha Lipoic Acid has two sides, it can be seen as an antioxidant that inhibits reactions promoted by oxygen, or peroxides that destroy or...

Alpha Lipoic Acid has two sides, it can be seen as an antioxidant that inhibits reactions promoted by oxygen, or peroxides that destroy or corrupt cells. If this is taken as a supplement, alpha lipoic acid increases the production of glutathione that helps dissolve toxic substances in the liver that neutralize free radicals produced in our bodies.

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broccoli contains high amounts of Alpha Lipoic Acid

ALA’s are natural forms that can be found in tiny amounts in foods that are high in protein like spinach and meats.  Small amounts are also produced in the human body naturally.  Your body is designed so that it can make more efficient use of the natural isomers of molecules than it can with that molecules synthetic look-a-like.

Vitamin E is a perfect example of this very fact, because the d-form of the molecule is way better utilized and held by the body.  There is nothing particularly dangerous about having those extra synthetic isomers in your supplement.  The thing is that they are just weaker and less effective imitations of the original.

Like anything, there are good and bad isomers, when you put the wrong isomer in your body it can harm you.  An example of this is the common knowledge of trans fats by most health-conscious people.  And we know that trans fats are found in large quantities in most margarine.  The silent killers that are in the human body are the trans fatty acids.  They are comprised of in many forms and they are also not super-imposable. This means that they are somewhat related.

The two forms are either enantiomers or optical isomers due to the fact that they rotate plane-polarized light either to the right or left.  The chial of a molecule is determined by its symmetry.  An achiral molecule is a molecule that has an axis of improper rotation, which is an n-fold rotation, that is then followed by a reflection in the plane perpendicular to this axis maps. In turn, a molecule that is chiral is when it lacks an axis like this.  The reason for this is because they are dissymmetric.

The majority of amino acids and many sugars are asymmetric and also dissymmetric.  When producing ALA the S-form of ALA is a waste  because the body has no use for it and is found in 50% of the mixtures that are sold as alpha lipoic acid.  The S-form of ALA is the negative counterpart so in fact it does more than just take up 50% of your supplement.

The differences between the two forms of alpha lipoic acid alter the effects of sugars that are in your body.  More specifically, they affect the way the body metabolizes blood sugar, the protective antioxidant activities, and the mitochondria, which affect the aging process.

There are a number of positive effects of R+ alpha lipoic acids.  When you are a weight-training athlete it will enable your skeletal muscle bellies to hold more nutrients such as glycogen and amino acids.  For a cell to function properly it needs a steady supply of food.  Blood sugar is the primary fuel for most cells in the body.  The hormone insulin is produced by the body to help get energy to the cells that need it, like the skeletal muscle. You can imagine that insulin is a key and that glucose is the car that it is turning on.  To get the cells the energy that they need you need to keep the blood sugar from building up to high levels.  That is where insulin comes because it is the one that tells the bodily cells to absorb the blood sugar.

Due to our fast paced lives and unhealthy choice of foods most of use consume more calories and also carbohydrates than our bodies can handle.  After a while the receptors stop responding properly because they have become desensitized.

The killer is the insulin resistance; the reason for this is because one of the functions of insulin is to control the release of the fatty acids from the bodily tissues into the bloodstream.  When there is high level of fatty acid it keeps the blood vessels constricted by interfering with the action of nitric oxide, the molecule that helps your blood vessels relax.  A direct effect of this is for people to have high blood pressure.

Insulin sensitivity is a crucial factor in achieving a body composition that we are going to be happy with.  For individuals that are strength training it is really important because it promotes implements the care of your vitals and also the precious nutrients from the bloodstream to repair damaged muscle fibers.  When your vitals are taken care of it makes insulin’s job easier and this promotes a very wide array of health benefits for anyone.  If the blood glucose were to remain high the pancreas out of frustration would pump out more insulin in an attempt to compensate for the resistance that is occurring.

When it comes to weight training athletes in particular the skeletal muscles may not obey insulin and take the nutrients they desperately need to grow.  After this fact insulin is over produced and forces the blood sugar to drop too low.  Then the liver will start to produce glucose to get the blood sugar levels back to normal.

The main problem with insulin resistance is that they remain in the bloodstream too long so then they will end up in places they do not belong.  This will turn into a huge problem after time, mainly the accumulation of body fat in the visceral region for men and the hips and buttocks for the ladies.  The reason that this happens is because glucose, fats, and other nutrients are nor clearing from the bloodstream so when this happens the liver, skeletal muscle, and adipose cells turn into the dumping ground for excess blood fats and glucose.  This is just pretty much a situation of the calories that are taken in that are stored as body fat.  So the energy demands from the body get the calories needed to be burned for fuel, not to be stored.  The reason for the latter is that fat can’t be used for fuel when high blood insulin levels are present.