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International Steroid Ring, Champion Bodybuilders Busted International Steroid Ring, Champion Bodybuilders Busted

Federal agencies and police in Portland, OR busted an international steroid ring on Thursday with ties with China and distribution all over the US and Canada.

The ring is being dubbed “the muscle factory” by the DEA, US Marshal’s office, Homeland Security and US Postal Inspectors that carried out the bust last week that netted over 5,000 vials of steroids, 400 lbs of marijuana as well as other drugs and weapons.portland steroid bust

According to the indictment, the two “ringleaders” Shane Jack and Landon Britt, as well as 14 others, including champion bodybuilders Brandon Lyons and Brad Hollibaugh, set up a sophisticated drug dealing network that imported the drugs from China while using Hong Kong banks to help with the transactions and then distributed the drugs and laundered the money from them through a used car dealership. The group imported powdered steroids from labs in China, including HGH and Arimadex, then converted them to vials and caps before distributing them to dealers in Oregon, Washington, California, Vancouver and as far east as North Carolina. The group also imported Viagra and Cialis. 

Brad Hollibaugh

Brad Hollibaugh

Brandon Lyons

Brandon Lyons

The ring had been being investigates as early as 2006 and federal agencies have traced as much as a half-million dollars set to China over the length of their investigation. Along with the drug distribution charges, money laundering and weapons charges were also filed.

This bust comes on the heels of recent scrutiny over the availability to purchase drugs over the internet from China, although it is unclear whether this ring used online sources or had already set up a deal with the Chinese labs through other means. An ABC News report that aired in early October highlighted a report conducted by the online watchdog group Digital Citizens United (DCU) that pointed to the ease of getting steroids from places like China using internet sites promoting steroids. (Disclaimer: Steroidolgy does not sell anabolic steroids through our Website.)

The DCU report on ABC also highlighted how many of the drugs purchased online were phony and often contained dangerous substances like arsenic or mercury. Labs in China, Thailand, Pakistan and Eastern Europe are notoriously unreliable and unpredictable. It is always better to use drugs that come from a doctor or a pharmacy that you know or someone with experience knows.