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GW 501516 GW 501516
By Simon Gardner  GW 501516, also known as cardarine, is advertised and sold as a SARM or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator but this is... GW 501516

By Simon Gardner 

GW 501516, also known as cardarine, is advertised and sold as a SARM or Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator but this is not technically accurate. This chemical is in fact a peroxisome proliferator-activated receptors, or PPAR, delta agonist. GW 501516 was initially developed for health benefits, and it activates pathways in the body that are also activated by exercise. Some athletes used this compound to enhance their performance and burn fat in the past. This compound has been banned by the WADA and athletes are not allowed to use any longer because it is considered a performance enhancing drug and is classified as a hormone and metabolic modulator by the agency.

GW 501516 For Medical Purposes

The development of cardarine was initially intended to treat heart health issues, diabetes, obesity, and lipid strain problems. When this substance is used the cholesterol level of the individual can be significantly reduced, and this has been verified in studies. GW 501516 helps with obesity by encouraging and stimulating fatty acid oxidation, and this is very beneficial in men who have pre diabetes and who are obese. Unlike diabetic drugs this compound will not cause a drop in blood sugar. In studies mice who had a high fat diet still lost fat while taking cardarine, and this is proof that this substance really does fight obesity.

The Benefits and Risks of Cardarine

GW 501516 has a number of benefits associated with this compound, but also some risks that users need to be aware of as well. The benefits of cardarine include:

  • More endurance.
  • Fat loss stimulation.
  • Improved physical performance.
  • Increased cardiovascular strength.
  • Lean muscle development.
  • Less expensive than anabolic steroids.sarms-cardarine
  • No suppression.
  • No toxicity when used for longer cycles, does not cause liver damage when used the way that steroids can.
  • Fast acting in the body.
  • An increase in overall energy levels and metabolism.
  • No post cycle therapy is needed.
  • No catabolic action.
  • No muscle loss when fat is melted away.

The risks associated with using GW 501516 also need to be considered before this compound is used. There have been some studies which have shown a possibility that cardarine may cause cancer, but other studies performed have concluded that there is insufficient data and that this claim can not be validated at this point. When used in high dose amounts there is also the possibility of other unwanted side effects that can be problematic. Using the correct dose and the proper cycle method can greatly lower the risk of unwanted side effects.

GW 501516 Dosing and Use Information

Cardarine has a half life of between 20-24 hours so a single daily dose is sufficient for most users. Some users choose to take half of the daily dose in the morning and half in the afternoon, others prefer to use the entire dose all at once right before a workout session. The usual dose for GW 501516 is between 10mg and 20mg per day, and this is the proper dose for men and women both. This compound is only available in liquid form so it acts quickly in the body. The best way to take cardarine is to place the liquid in the mouth and then to follow it with water, juice, or another liquid to chase the compound down with. An 8 week cycle is usually recommended when using cardarine for the best results.

Stacking With Cardarine

GW 501516 can be stacked with other SARMS and various compounds in order to achieve specific results. Some ways to stack cardarine with other supplements can include:

  • SARMs Stack- A SARMs triple stack can be used by combining GW 501516 with MK-2866 and Andarine S4. This stack can help with recomp and works well for many users.
  • Fat Loss, Cutting, and Shredding Stack- When Andarine S4 is combined with cardarine this can be a very potent combination that stimulates fat loss.
  • Endurance Stack- For increased endurance GW 501516 can be stacked with Equipoise, AICAR, or both of these compounds at the same time. Many consider this to be the ultimate endurance stack.
  • Bridge or Post Cycle Therapy Stack- Cardarine is not suppressive because it is not hormonal. This means that it can be stacked with other compounds commonly used during post cycle therapy and during a bridge.
  • Anabolic Steroid Stack- When anabolic steroids are used in moderate amounts GW 501516 can also be used to aid in lipids as well as increasing endurance. This is also true when harsh chemicals such as trenbolone are used. This stack is known to help the user catch their wind and breath easier during a performance or other strenuous activity.

GW 501516 and Professional Athletes

Cardarine has been shown to be very effective at increasing endurance and fat loss, and it has been classified as a performance enhancing drug. A urine test was developed to identify GW 501516 so that it could be detected. Due to this the compound has been banned and any athlete who tests positive for it can be sanctioned or even disqualified. In the last several years athletes from many sports have tested positive and faced the consequences. The compound is still very popular among bodybuilding competitors and athletes who do not compete at a professional level though.


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