I have been lifting weights for about 10 years without gaining any considerable amount of muscle or physical improvement in my body. I hired online trainers but my results were minimal compared to the amount of effort I put in it. I exercise to my best, I eat clean, however, I have few results. I am tired of this, I am looking into physical enhancement drugs. I am not sure what I should take, Anavar or Sermorelin+ ghrp-6+ghrp-2 or a combination of both.

I want to gain considerable amount of muscle mass without gaining excess body fat. I am 5.6', 116 lbs, I am 38 years old. I lifted 4 x week and I do cardio 30' 2x week( no all the time) I am following the gourmet nutrition cookbook diet from precision nutrition and I am following the training from Eric Cressey "Show and go system".

Please, If somebody there could guide me what would be the best plan for me peptides or anavar? Any ladies that have already used them.

Currently I am looking for a trusted source where I can get the Anavar and I see online websites where to get the peptides like peptide sciences (any comments)?

Hope to hear from you soon