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    Default Cross-post: M2F needs to lose 45-50 lbs in 9 months
    Hi! This was cross-posted in the Weight Loss forum, but Rastas advised me to post it here as well, as you ladies may be better suited to answer me.

    Hi! I'm a 21 year old M2F, and I'd like to lose 45-50 lbs in 9 months. I'm currently 6' 1", 190-200 lbs, with a 32-34" waist, and a BMR of 2100, and BFP of 16-17%. I'd like to get my weight to 140-155 lbs, and my waist to mid-to-upper twenties.

    I guesstimate I eat about 1500 calories per day, 50/50 refined carbs (soda addict!) and protein (every man in my family is a meat eater!). I also do a lot of walking and climbing up the five flights of stairs to my dorm multiple times a day.

    I have a very strange body type: my arms are average, my legs are muscular, but my torso is a bunch of flab.

    Since I have no idea why my 600 cal/day deficit and physical activity isn't causing me to lose weight (or gain!), I guess the only option is to use supplements.

    So this is what I plan on taking:

    1. Spironolactone, 100 mg/day (anti-androgen portion of M2F HRT)

    2. Estradiol, 100 mcg/day patch, semiweekly (estrogen portion of M2F HRT)

    3. DNP, 200-400 mg/day, one week on, one week off (wouldn't mind the temp increase, as Leeds is cold in the winter when I return from summer break in California)

    4. Phentermine, 37.5 mg/day (to offset the sides of DNP)

    I plan on drinking lots of water to offset the thirst and electrolyte disturbances from the spironolactone and DNP. I also plan on more closely monitoring my diet, and consume mostly lean protein like fish and chicken, with a small amount of unrefined carbs, like bread and pasta, and try to eliminate my soda intake. I also plan on increasing my activity a bit more, to tone up my abs (difficult with the Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT), but I'll try!).

    All in all, I hope to lose about 5-6 lbs/month, preferably both fat and muscle. Then I can look good in my T-shirt and jeans, and can wear tight clothes without looking stupid.

    Advice and suggestions (including "WTF are you doing?!") is greatly appreciated.


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    I'm assuming you are a female since u posted this in the female forum... I'm a bit confused by your thread, u say u are "guesstimating" your calories, u should never guesstimate calories, since your guess could be totally off. You should start keeping track of all u eat & really count calories, this is the only way to know for sure how many calories u are really eating.

    Why are u not losing weight ? Your stating your diet consists of 50/50 (50 % refined carbs) & (50 % protein) There's your answer..
    You need to understand how important good nutrition is, refined carbs are the opposite of what u should be eating... Your diet should consist of lean protein, complex carbs & good sources of fat.

    And u also state u want to lose fat & muscle... why would u want to lose muscle ? the more muscle u build or have the more fat u will lose.

    Supplements are not the answer here, good nutrition & excercise is what u need.

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