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    im a girl and new at this. i need HELP!
    Hey watsup, im a 22 yr old girl from new york. I am interested in steroids. But honestly, i know nothing about them. I know two different people that got it. But i dont wanna eff my body up. So i would like some advice please, on what i should look for, and how i should take it.. Thanks. I just dont trust the guys selling it. They will say anything to get their money... Im trying to gain wieght build muscle. Im 5'5 140lbs. I wanna be 160lbs with alot of muscle. Not too crazy though. Can u guys help me out

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    Bodyfat %?
    Current diet?
    Current training?
    How long have you been training?
    What steroids are you looking at?

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    i think this post may of been answered in other thread ... not sure just saying.

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