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    can someone recc. a plastic surgeon for breast augmentation
    I figured the ladies forum would be the best place to ask.
    can anyone reccomend a good plastic surgeon for my wife? she wants to have a breast augmentation and a lift done. I've been doing some searching online and found a few docs that look ok but none that we're 100% comfortable with. we have seen alot of pics, but more bad jobs than good.
    If anyone knows a good doctor with a website with before/after pics we would appreciate it. location is not a problem either, we will fly out to wherever we need to go.


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    Dr. Alan Larson of Buckhead Plastic Surgery- Atlanta Georgia

    He is, by far, the best doctor I have ever seen....of any practice. He did my augmentation, and two of my girlfriends'.
    He does fantastic work, and will not perform an operation unless he feels it is the best option for the patient. He has an excellent bedside manner, very professional without being icey. His staff is very accomadating, and kept me under a close watch, even well after the first check up. He is by far, the best.

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    Can I ask what state you're in? Also, invaluable resource: the message boards at ... lots of "i went to this doc and he was good" or "i went to this doc and he was bad" discussion.

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    Having had plastic surgery done myself (but obviously not breast augmentation: I'm a guy), my advice is to have a consulting appointment with more than just one surgeon. Unless the industry has changed policy, I believe the consulting appointment is free of charge.

    In my case, the surgeon agreed for things to be done a certain way, but in the end he did the job the way he thought was best. Basically, I only got half of what I wanted. But he did a very good job at what he did do, so I didn't push the issue. Plastic surgery carries risk and quite often the result if not good. I've heard of many successes, so-so successes, and failures in the art of plastic surgery.

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    When doc shopping, look for someone who has an affiliation with a medical school as a professor or consultant. They usually have to keep high CEU standards and are up on all the latest medical information.

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    Check out Plastic Surgery San Francisco Bay Area | Cosmetic Surgery Bay Area & San Francisco
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    perhaps check the website Find a doctor - Doctor reviews and ratings - Doctor vitals -
    there you can find out first hand info on doctor's from their patients.

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    ok, one of the best in the US is in orlando FL, Dr. Kaplan, Kaplan cosmetics.. does them under local twilight anesthesia. Its a process that allows them to be placed right, almost no bleeding, and quicker recovery time. My ex had her surgery on a tuesday, was in the gym doing light cardio on friday. He does amazing work... seriously great.

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