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    Womens bloodwork on anavar?????
    My girlfriend is running anavar currently.
    She has to go get blood work done anyway via doctors orders, and I thought it would be interesting to see if any of her levels are up at the same time. My question is, what exactly would be indicators that she is indeed taking legit Anavar? And since it has such a short half life, will it still show if she doesnt take her pill that morning as she has to fast before hand? Would it be wise for her to just continue with the anavar as normal?

    Her doctor is aware of her cycle, but that isnt the purpose of her bloodwork. Any suggestions on what to have the doc check? Granted im sure she will already know what really needs to be checked, but some extra input wouldnt hurt anyone.

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    Unless the doc is running a full hormone test, it is hard to identify Anavar (var) in the bloodwork..
    Some factors might include elevated bad cholesterol and liver enzymes.
    Not sure what else to look for on a blood test.. Sorry

    I'd be interested to see what her results are though and what the doc says.


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