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    what is the best peptide?
    I want to know what is the best peptide so far? Is it igf-1 L3, hexalin, ghrp 6, ghrp 2, cjc-1295, or else.
    Based on your experience or maybe some article.

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    I depends on what your trying to do with your physique. If your looking to build muscle by far the best two would be either IGF-1 LR3 or PEG-MGF. Both of which produce good muscle growth with no chance of virilization no matter what the dose. Just make sure if you get IGF you get it packaged in 0.1mg vials. Many places sell the 1 mg vials. You won't be able to use it up fast enough before it goes bad once you mix the water with the powder. As far as the other ones I would just get GH if your looking to lean out. Hope that helps

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    I have read that reconstituted IGF-1 LR3 will last 3 months in the refridgerator.
    Also, here is a good post that explains a way to divide the 1mg vial up and freeze some if it for later. Igf-1 please update

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    This is a matter of opinion. I've heard great things about IGF. It tends to be the most discussed peptide on the board. I also recommend you post this in the anabolic section to get more responses or link this thread in that section.

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