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    Androderm patch delivers testosterone to your
    body through your skin. Androderm is prescribed
    for men whose bodies do not produce enough
    testosterone, a condition known as testosterone
    deficiency. The center of each Androderm patch
    contains a testosterone gel. The edges of the patch
    are coated with adhesive to hold the patch in place
    on your skin. The round patch contains 12.2 mg of
    testosterone which delivers approximately 2.5 mg of
    testosterone over a 24-hour period. The oval patch
    contains 24.3 mg of testosterone which delivers
    approximately 5 mg of testosterone over a 24-hour
    period. The testosterone in the patch is delivered
    through the skin into your bloodstream. The
    testosterone delivered by Androderm is the same as
    the testosterone produced by the male genital organs
    (the testes). The patches should be applied to
    healthy, normal skin.

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