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    Volume Training versus Strength/Power
    I apologize in advance if this topic has already been discussed... I just didn't feel like sifting through all the material. << I'm wasting time i could be working out!!!

    Does anyone know if there has been any recent data or studies done on the effectiveness of Volume Training versus Power/Strength..

    First, let me clarify my question if i'm not doing so properly.

    In my common/traditional learning/thought, I've "learned" that the most efficient way to increase muscle size is to overload, hence "progressive resistance." HOwever, as WE age, more and more my aging compadre's complain of sore joints and injuries that prevent them from maximum intensity coupled with maximum weight for 8-12 reps.. So for example,,, instead of doing 275lbs on bench press for 8-10 reps, they are doing 225 for reps of 15-20.

    Here's the question, is there any recent SIGNIFICANT data that would support that doing 15-20 reps, thus reducing the weight but maintaining the total volume, would have similar/more/less influence on the growth of the muscle..

    1) I'm not talking about growth (with low reps) versus tone (with higher reps)
    2) Please do not respond if you have no true scientific data.

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    read the training primer i posted in the training section

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