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    Upper Back Never Ending Pain
    Over 2 months ago, I developed insomnia and was starting a cut. Lifting heavy for back still, I started to notice a lot of soreness for many days after the workouts. I thought nothing of it and kept working out heavy. When the soreness didnt go away, I worried. Went to a chiro, he cracked my back and told me in 2 weeks I should be fine. 2 weeks passed and I felt fine so I started heavy again. Back started to hurt through the back workout so I stopped. I kept training everything else heavy and stopped all back work for about a month, and when the back pain was still present I went to a physio.

    This was 2.5 weeks ago. He told me to wait 2 weeks and to see how I feel. He also gave me band exercises to do. I did these band exercises once. And the next day my back was in much more pain. So I stopped doing them and its been about 1.5 weeks since the band exercise.

    My back isnt bad, but the pain is still present and im sure if I go to gym it will only worsen again. It does not seem to get any better at all. There is always a little bit of pain in the area.

    Im on anti-inflamms for immflamation. And I have no idea what to do? The longer I wait the more muscle im losing but it feels like its gonna be achey forever. What can i do?

    Im not sure if its a tear, torn, micro tears? I have no idea what to do.

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    Obviously, you should probably see a medical doctor but a few years ago I pinched a nerve upper back closer to the base of my neck. It fucked me up similar to what you are talking about. It eventually worked itself out. Im sorry bro. Good Luck to you

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