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    Help on my routine fast please! I'm on cycle and need to fix ASAP!!!
    Hi guys. So basically my issue is that I've been overtraining due to the fact that I've been waking up 4 hours after falling asleep, joints hurt like hell, and have plateaued if not gotten weaker then when I started my cycle. My legs are the body part I've mastered by training an hour or so (30- 40 sets)and then doing the stair master. I noticed my back can handle higher sets as well(20-30 sets). I have noticed my shoulder joints have been killing me every shoulder workout lately and my dumbbell press and overall shoulder strength has plateaued if not gotten worse. When I started my test and dbol cycle, my dumbbell press went up 15lbs within week 2 but immedietly stopped after that. My joints also starting hurting at that point too. My chest and tris have been a lagging part of my body as well so what should I do for them? I've been doing 20-30 sets for chest and tris have seen DECENT results. My shoulders have actually SHRUNK though! My diet is on point as far as I'm aware of but it's my training that needs work. When I started my cycle I decided to amplify my training x2 and for shoulders as an example I'd do 50 sets or more(2hrs) for shoulders. My back, legs, and traps have gotten massive since I started, but my chest and shoulders have stayed about the same, maybe a bit better, triceps have improved somewhat, and my shoulders for sure haven't done good. I'm afraid this high amount of training has trashed my adrenals CNS even more considering I have a condition known as adrenal fatigue. Heres my routine:
    Day 1: shoulders (lagging)
    Day 2: off
    Day 3: chest and tris(lagging)
    Day 4: back an bis and traps
    Day 5: cardio or off
    Day 6: legs and abs
    Day 7: off
    What would you guys suggest for my lagging body parts? What's the max sets you'd say? What's the optimal sets? I do know everyone's body is different, but surely there's a boundary. I am training for size, but I also go for strength greatly as well.
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    brother i have gotten my best results doing something like this

    Thursday-Shoulders and Traps
    Friday-Biceps and Triceps-cardio

    i do this fo a month or 2 then i switch up like this

    Tuesday-Shoulders and Traps

    also i change workout routines every 3-4 weeks,i change alot to keep things mixed up,some months i will pyramid,and other months i will use drop sets,and then sometimes do just straight sets,i found out a long time ago i havet to change up abpout evry month cause my body becomes used to the same excercises and workouts onn the same days

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    Even though you feel your diet is on point you may need more food to help replenish your body especially on cycle, it's really hard to say what's causing your issues they could be form related on other exercises, you probably are just doing too many sets on back/leg day. I fell into the same trap by doing too much and now i only hit 12-15 sets max for back/legs while still getting growth. You might be due for a deload or a training volume taper (less sets high intensity) Plus it could be your joints/ligaments not able to keep up with the growing strength and stresses applied to the muscle. Just my .02 but give it a shot, it won't make your gains diminish either it should only take a week or so to see if that is the problem being too many sets.

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    I would double check your food intake.... Eating clean is great but you gotta make sure you eat enough.

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