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    So this is my routine:

    I started with Legs 1st day(been on this for about a year works for me i guess)

    This is my routine:

    (squats 4sets of8 on all)
    (Hacksquats 4/8)
    (Seated leg extension4/8)
    (abductor machine4/8)
    (standing leg curl4/8)
    (leg press calf raises4/8)
    ](standing calf raises4/8)
    (seated calf raises4/8)
    (Shoulder shrugs3/8)

    (lat machine convergent4/8)(lat pull down4/8)(lat machine convergent-there are two of them diffrent but work lats-4/8)(bent over row4/8)(one arm military press machine but, im standing and one arem at a time4/8)(then military press machine4/8)(dumbell military press4/8)

    Flat Bench5/5
    Incline Bench5/5
    decline Bench5/5
    Incline press machine5/5
    DB Flies5/5
    and today i decided to add another Decline exercise 5/5(should i keep the extra decline exercise or not?)

    seated EZ Bar Preacher Curls4/8
    seated dumbell Preacher Curls4/8(1 arm at a time)
    Reverse dumbell preacher curls4/8(1 arm at a time)
    tricep pulldown rope4/8(1 arm at a time)
    Tricep pulldown both arms4/8
    Dumbell Tricep Extension4/8

    Then One day of rest and i start all over again(so 5 days to rest for all muscles)

    what should i add or remove from my routine?
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    Curious as to why you train chest differently than other parts.

    I use 5x5 on all major muscle groups. I love it.

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