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Good ol' cardio

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    Good ol' cardio
    Figured I would post up a picture of my cardio routine. It's getting hot out again, it's awesome training here in the summer, 110+ degrees when I go run. The trail is kinda hard to see until you full screen the pictures.

    About 1/2 mile into the run, just showing how high the mountain is the trail goes to the top of

    This one shows where it goes across the face of the mountain. The trail is about half way up the mountain going across the face of it.

    This one shows the first climb of the trail, there are trail markers, from this point to the point the trail goes across the face of the mountain is 1 mile.

    This picture is taken at the highest point in the trail, you can see where the first pictures were taken. You can also kind of see how the trail goes back and forth up the face of the mountain.

    This picture shows the descent, I didn't take pictures of the way back down, but will take some today when I run it.

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    The total length of the trail varies from 4 to 7 miles, this one is 5.5 miles. The longer one doesn't go up the mountain as high, but it wraps farther around the mountain range. This trail is much harder than the longer trail.

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