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    I was just flipping through different questions asked in the traning forum and noticed a few based on or around the fact of overtraining. Some guys routine are involving way too many sets or too many times a week per muscle group. Myself, certain muscles respond better to more sets and others to low volume. Thought maybe some of you could put in some tips on overtraining, so others can get better understanding.

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    learn your body... best thing to do know your set limits and you should be fine.. personally i cant go past 9 sets for chest 2 for shoulders and 1 or2 for tris... my back is only part that can handle more volume but its only b/c i do traps with back but 11 sets is most ive done.. everyone is different overtraining could be a number of variables - days at the gym, number of sets, intensity, and NEVER EVER do one muscle group twice in one week just my 2 cents

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    some people are used to overtraining...but that doesn't mean they are growing fast. Overtraining slows your groth pace...
    I knew some guys from the gym...those annoying guys who overtrain everyday they workedout....
    sure, they've grown, but slower that I did.
    and another thing...overtraining robs your strength....
    never ever train..and never ever freaking think that doing more sets on one muscle group makes it grow.....
    bodybuilding is not that way at all.....

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    I thought I was doing everything right for years but the truth was I as far too ambitious and I was overtrained. Finally I got advice from someone in the know and working out less often has yielded incredible results.

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