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    Weighted Vests while Weight Training
    Have you ever trained wearing a weighted vest?

    My PT at the gym has me wearing a Weighted vest (32 lbs at the moment) the entire time I am Weight training with him. He is the only one I ever see making ppl wear them, no one else where's them while training.

    I feel like we are his Guiena Pigs and it's all just an experiment.

    I can see myself using it for Running/Hill training for added weight but while Weight training... I just don't know, On leg days when I am doing dead lifts, squats, and lunges yes, the workouts are good. But on Chest/Back, tricep/bicep, Shoulders days I don't see why I am wearing it. What benefits am I getting from using the weighted vest?

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    If you can get enough weight I like the idea of using one for pushups. That and chains on your back for tricep lockout strength or bands. I never felt a big difference from using body armor on pullups versus using a dip belt. The body is pretty adaptive though. If you just wear it all day you'll get used to it eventually and just get stronger without realizing it.

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