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    Default want to switch it up
    ok i can;t friggin decide what i wanna do.
    Currently doing a 5 day split and i like it cause i can hit all the parts i want hard one time a week...

    I like the idea of a three day split but i don;t feel like i can get in all the lifts i want... for instance in order to hit my back like i want id have to go with 5 sets (including traps) along with my bis.... thats going to work out to 8 sets or so on one day...

    A four day split might work out better but i don;t know how to construct it... what would be the best combos on a 4 day?

    Thisis so frusterating cause im used to goign ED like i said and i like to be able to fully concentrate on one body part each time and hit it hard...
    any ideas will be greatly appreciated..
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    you can defnitely build an effective routine on a 3 or 4 day split..
    we have some sample routines in the stickys..
    some have been using PB's routine as well as IA's

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