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    adding more chest work to 5x5
    I'm doing a 4 day split, Wanna switch to a 3 day full body since I work crazy hours all summer and I hear great things but I can't seem to find a good program outline.

    Here is my current routine, anyone wanna take a stab where I could add more chest work to this.

    Day 1 chest/calves
    Flat bench 5x5
    incline dumbell press 2x8-10
    incline flyes 2x8-10
    standing calve raises 5x15

    day 2 back/shoulders
    military press 5x5
    side laterals 3-5x8-10
    deads 5x5
    chins 2x8-10
    shrugs 2x8-10
    rows 2x8-10
    bent over laterals 2x8-10

    day 3&4 rest

    day 5 bis/tris
    close grip bench 5x5
    standing barbell curls 5x5
    weighted dips 2x8-10
    incline dumbell curls 2x8-10
    skull crushers 2x8-10
    preacher curls 2x8-10

    day 6 legs
    squats 5x5
    leg press or hacks 2x8-10
    stiff legged deads 2x8-10
    leg curls 2x8-10
    seated calve raises 5x15
    abs - weighted static holds

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    deadlift day is going to be very tough on you back if you using any serious wieght. Day 6 same. A good 5x5 on deads or squats after about 6 weeks of progresion should damn near destroy you (in a good way) especially if you are natural.

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