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A Killer Triceps Workout

QUESTION: I’m looking for a workout to really shock my triceps into growth because my current workout is not getting the job done. What do you suggest?

ANSWER: Since one definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, you would be crazy not to try changing your triceps workout. And have I got one that will really shock those horseshoes into growth. It’s called Doublé.

Doublé is a French word that translates into “done twice.” I learned about this training method from Pierre Roy, one of the most accomplished weightlifting coaches in Canada. To be able to perform more sets of an exercise with heavier weights, which in turn will stimulate more muscle growth, Pierre would have an athlete perform the same exercise twice in the same workout. For example, a weightlifter might start the workout with 6-8 sets of back squats, followed by 6-8 sets of power snatches, followed by back squats again for 6-8 sets.

You can also apply this workout concept to tri-sets, performing the same exercise twice in the same tri-set. For your stubborn triceps, here is how you could use this training method:

Order Exercise Sets Reps Tempo Rest
A-1 Lying DB Triceps Extension 3 SETS x 6-8 3110 0
A-2 Close-Grip Bench Press 3 SETS x 4-6 3110 0
A-3 Lying DB Triceps Extension 3 SETS x 4-6 3110 120 seconds

Note that there is no rest taken after the first and second exercises, which means you should set up the weights you will use for each set before you begin. Regarding tempo, a 3110 tempo means you would lower the barbell in three seconds, pause with the elbows bent for one second, extend your arms in one second, and then immediately perform the next repetition.

Give this workout a try for two weeks and I guarantee you’ll go nuts over the results!

Source - Muscle Insider