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    help building legs
    Been bulking up for the past couple months and have noticed my upper body growing alot, but my legs still aren't growing much. Have mainly been doing alot of heavy squats. How often should I be working my legs every week? Was doing them 2-3 times a week, but think I was overtraining, so cut down to doing legs 1 time a week. Is this enough or should I be working legs more? The program i've been on you do 8reps,5reps,1rep,1rep,1rep, then 5reps Been helping me make really good gains with deadlift, bench, and been gaining strength with my legs just not much size in the legs. Any suggestions?

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    One time a week should be it. 2-3 sounds too excessive, considering your doing heavy squats. I cant walk during the week, or sit from squats cause im in so much pain. I couldn't bear doing them 2 times a week. Genetics play a key role too in leg growth. I would say do one set of squats (deep), 2x6 heavy,box squats 2x6,heavy leg presses 2x5,i do 3x25 calve raises. Keep your protein high, and keep eating yo face

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    Heavy squats, ass to the floor, perfect form once a week is what I am doing and I do heavy deadlifts once a week as well. These exercises require a good amount of recuperation if you are doing them right. When I am lifting very heavy and trying to put on weight, I can only train 3 times a week. Any more than 3 times a week I get overtrained and my gains stop. If you are lifting heavy, with good form and eating right you should see some serious growth.

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