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    Question Lacrosse and Suppliments
    Dear Members, I've been reading a lot in the forums here, THEY ARE AWESOME GUYS, and I am planning on hitting the gym hard in the next couple years, i started last month and im really getting into it, usually two workouts a day, and im planning on starting on suppliments, my friends are taking n02 and say its AWESOME, im wondering if creatine and n02 together is a bad idea, or a thermo - n02 type deal, if you guys can help me out a bit, id be forever greatful, also anyone know any good lacrosse workouts?

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    I copied this into the supps forum as you may get more answers there.

    I think the key things you need to focus on are diet, vitamins and training. Let us know what your workouts and diet look like right now and we can tell you what you need to change.

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