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    Training the same muscles daily submaximally.
    A little background info. I'm 20 years old, 5'10 @ 160 lbs. Been lifting for six or so years. I'm not as heavy as I should be because I don't eat enough. That being said...

    Before any meatheads come in here and rip me to shreds with their "you need to follow certain splits and get x amount of rest between workouts", I want to inform you that that's not what I'm inquiring about.

    I have a few friends who have been bucking hay on a daily basis (thousands of bales[sp?]) and are absolutely gigantic. They get less than 24 hours of rest between intense lifting, but still build slabs of muscle. Granted they eat over 4000kcals/day, the size they have packed on is incredible.

    Another example is another couple of friends that do pushups, pullups, and one legged squats on a daily basis and have packed on the pounds. These guys used to be shrimps, but are now 20 or so lbs heavier a piece and a helluva lot stronger.

    I've taken to doing pushups every day (throughout the entire day) and pullups twice per week (only time I can get into the gym). However, I never go to failure. While this may not be AS EFFECTIVE at building muscle as weightlifting, it seems to be working for me. I've put on five pounds in about a month (pretty solid too).

    Is there anyone who has had success training this way? If so, did you move on to serious weightlifting or do you still train using bodyweight methods?

    P.S. - I run sprints for legs, so don't worry about that.

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    I'm sure that I could have gained strength and mass doing almost anything back when I was 150 pounds. It gets harder as you get bigger though.

    The body is exceptionally good at adapting.

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    im looking at your age and asuming your friends are around your age, so for the past couple years, (roughly ages 17-21) they have packed on muscle? much of this is due to dramatic increases in testosterone production. imagine how much bigger they would be without overtraining.

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