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    Desperate need of advice
    This thread may seem like I'm being a whinny baby or whatever but I need serious advice. I would appreciate anyones help.

    I used to work-out regularly 2 years ago. I was in the best shape of my life physically and mentally. Then life happened and I quit altogether. Nowadays, I still try to eat right and supplement but the only exercise I achieve is through my everyday routines. I've lost a good 15+. I'm not super skinny or anything but being average isn't working for me. Lately, I've found myself wanting to get back into working out. I've been really stressed and I don't know what to do with myself. I even started smoking a little dope here and there in the last 2 months.

    I have a YMCA membership that I've been paying on for months in hope that someday I will go back, but I haven't. I tried for about 3 weeks, 4 times a week but I got really frustrated and quit again. I was sooooo weak. I was lifting MAYBE half of what I used to. My elbow starting really hurting me during a bench press set and that just added to my frustration...I haven't been back since.

    I know when I was working out all the time I felt much better about everything I did. I feel like crap now! I can't even force myself to do a push-up. I don't expect anyone on here to give me a magic cure all for my problem but some advice would help. Maybe you have gone through a similar issue?? Anyone advice would help. I'm getting older everyday....


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    Start slow and light. You should'nt try to go in there being a pro powerlifter. Basically circut train for the first two weeks focusing on major muscle groups each day.
    Mon: Chest and Tri's first, focusing on 3 solid sets each WITHOUT pain. This will go for ALL exercises
    Back and Bi's second

    Wed: Back and Bi's first
    Chest and Tri's

    Fri: Legs
    Chest and Tri's
    Back and Bi's

    By alternating which muscle groups you work first each day you'll be fairly fresh. Try this for about two weeks. After which you may want to either want to add another day in following the same routine or switch things up a little bit (possibly working more sets on each muscle grouping and dropping the others on the same day). This should get you joints lubed up again and ready for heavier workouts. Muscle memory will start to take over but give it time. #1 piece of advice, leave ego at the door and workout at your comfortable level. This will prevent injury and even more time off!

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    everyone knows the feeling bro of trying to start back! it sucks but the reality is you will never be able to start back where you left off, you can get back there and probably rather quick but you gota start somewhere. the great thing about the body is that it seams to remember and you are able to get back to where you were with a little work and time. i have been there more times then i care to have been but that's life, unless you are paid to do this, have no family, etc you will always have to find time and balance to make it work. right now you have a choice bro and that's to keep going further and further from where you wana be or just leave the excuses behind and make it happen! just get back in there and start where you can, your body will tell you where it needs to be and your best bet to getting where you wana be is by listening to that. you have to be realistic and understand that your not where you were back then otherwise you will continue to get upset and depressed. instead find away to make that motivate you and be a goal to go after, the body follows the mind bro its that simple. if you sit around being depressed about lost time and the way you look, etc you will only sink more. on the other hand if you just say enough is enough and decide to change things you will be surprised where you will be a month from right now! just get in there like three days a week right now and do it, i promise you will look back a month from now and wonder what you were sitting around waiting for. you don't need much time in right now because your muscles will respond to the new strain and you will need more rest at first anyway so you don't really wana be in the gym five days a week first starting back. GET ER DONE BRO! good luck and keep us posted, oh yeah stay away from the smoke drugs never help anything unless its Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS)

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    Ihave to agree with the others here bro, just take it easy and train within your current limits. I once took 8 months off and got all depressed with what I saw in the mirror but got back into it slow and steady and its surprising at how short a time it takes to get back into shape, thanks god for muscle memory, lol.

    of course if you ever need and advice or have any concerns then theres loads of us on here thats happy to answer and question.

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