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    Default Please check out my 5x5 routine
    Hey there, ive been training for 2 years and recently hit some majour platues, ive always been taking all my sets to failure and now im really struggling to put on anymore size/strength, ive been reading through the site and am considering doing 5x5:

    Monday - back , abs
    barbell rows 5x5
    lat-pulldown 2x8-10
    v-lat pulldown 2x8-10
    db shrugs 2x8-10

    Wednesday - chest , shoulders
    barbell bench press 5x5
    incline db press 2x8-10
    cable flyes 2x8-10
    db press 2x8-10
    laterals 2x8-10

    Friday biceps, triceps
    standing alternating db curls 5x5
    lying cable curls 2x8-10
    hammer curls 2x8-10
    close grip bench press 5x5
    skullcrushers 2x8-10
    cable pressdowns 2x8-10

    squats 5x5
    leg extensions 2x8-10
    hamstring curl 5x5
    calve raises 2x8-10

    Each 5x5 set will not be taken to failure, although I presume the last 2 sets will be quite close. the 2x8-10 sets will be to faliure. Ive just got a few questions if thats ok with you.


    1. have I understood this method of training correctly? does this routine look good?

    2. for my db shoulder press should I do 5x5 or keep it at 2x8-10

    3. ive been trying to find information on warming up with the 5x5 but I cannot find any, can you give me an example as to how you warmup for a bench or squat day.

    thanks guys,


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    you have the basics of a good program. 5x5 is very intense if done correctly, so i would change things around a bit.

    I would be doing deads 5x5 on back day. these should be your #1 exercise

    if you are training 4 days a week I would do something like this

    day1 back +bis
    deads 5x5
    chins 2x12
    rows 2 x12
    then whatever you want for bis

    day2 bench + tris
    bench 5x5
    incline 2x12
    flyes 2x12
    narrow grip 5x5
    pushdowns 2x12

    day 3 Quads + hammys
    squat 5x5
    hack 2x12
    leg press 2x12
    SLDL 5x5
    lying hammy curls 2x12

    day4 shoulders + calves
    DB press 5x5
    lat raises 2 x 12
    bent over raises 2x12
    maybe some shrugs
    whatever for calves

    I had some success with 5x5 before changing to a more PL focus. I eventually found that I was overtraining 5x5 and found 3x3 worked a lot better

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