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    Near bottom of Testosterone Bottle - seems more effective to you too?!
    Hi guys,

    I wondering if any of you have the same experience.

    I have been on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) now for almost a year this upcoming Aug. One thing that i have noticed is 'SOMETIMES' when i get down to the botom of the bottle of Testosterone Cypionate (like 1/3 or less), i feel it more. Like today after my shot, by the late-afternoon i had a nice surge of energy and great work-out at the GYM.

    Do you shake the bottle before you inject?

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    thats an idea. I would guess its possible the stuff settles but being suspended in oil i dont know. Could be placebo or maybe other factors that are contributing.

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    The pharmacy told me to NOT shake the bottle of Test Cyp when I picked it up. They said I could gently roll the bottle if I wanted to but it wasn't necessary according to them.

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