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    New dr. New plan.
    Ok so i have been doing 150mg a week,taking 75mg 2x a week with .5 arimidex on day of shots...never got bloods at this dose but felt pretty good with pretty good only concern is that i felt my e2 was elevated due to nipple sensitivity and some burning in my breast..well my dr left the office so im now seeing a new dr there who has alot of testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) cases and seems pretty knowledgable..well my insurance is now saying that they will only cover my test or my arimidex, not both...dr wants me to do 50 mg every 3rd day and to drop the arimidex..then have bloods in 2 weeks and to reschedule with the past i have taken 100mg (1 shot) with no Aromatase inhibitor (AI) and on the 6th day i had blood work. Test was 402 and e2 at 31..libido was decent at this dose...judging from my blood work on the 1 shot of 100 mg a week, what can i expect my test and e2 levels to b at on 50mg every 3rd day with no ai...i will share my upcoming blood levels here i just want to see what others may think my levels will be

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    Just fyi im 32. 6'3" 255lbs

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    It's tough to say as everyone reacts differently. I am 38, 6'3" and 252lbs. Just a brief history so far - I started testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) at 200mg/wk Test C and 1,200iu/wk HCG and my levels were 860 Total Test, 271 Free Test and Estrodiol at 70. Felt like crap due to the elevated e2. Was prescribed an Aromatase inhibitor (AI) and scheduled new labs for 6 weeks. Out of frustration I increased my Test C dose to 240mg/wk during that time (on my own) and when retested ended up at 1685 Total Test and 665 Free Test. Busted....

    As for your 50mg e3d, tough to say but that is a pretty conservative dose. I like to stay at the high end of the "Normal" range (800-1000). I'm guessing you'll be well below that.

    Hope that helps. Good luck!

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