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    Low Testosterone Lab levels
    Hi everybody.
    I would very much appreciate if someone could check my hormone's levels below.
    Just to introduce myself, I am a 32yrs old guy trying to get rid of anxiety and depression for the 5 past years.
    During that period I looked for help from my Psychiatrist. We tried with few Anti-depressants/benzodiazepams but none of them relieved me of it.
    Further more I was always in a bad mood due to low self-esteem, low energy, poor concentration, always sleepy, low libido and similar.
    I was never a sports kind a guy since I was always shy and didn't like confrontations.
    In the last 10 years I went to gym occasionally just to go against my office type of work.
    Anyhow I am married with no children yet, 6,2 feet / 189 lbs pretty much thin with little fat on my gut.

    One of my friends asked me did I checked my hormone levels before starting to take any medications. Off course i did not.
    Since then I would like to see if my low Testosterone levels could have something to do with my anxiety/depression. Also more energy/concentration would be most welcome.
    At that time I was taking Anti-depressant Velafax(venlafaxine) 37.5mg 1 in the morning + 1 in the evening.
    So I went to a Endocrinologist and we did my first test as follows: (some items may be named wrongly due to translation)

    03.10.2011 08:00AM
    Chlorides - 102 (97-108) mmol/L
    Calcium total - 2,52 (2,14-2,53) mmol/L
    Inorganic phosphate - 1,37 (0,79-1,42) mmol/L

    Albumin - 50 (41-51) g/L
    Estradiol - 118,3 (28-156) pmol/L
    LH - 5,87 (1,7-8,6) IU/L
    FSH - 4,84 (1,5-12,4) IU/L
    Prolactin - 113,6 (86-324) mIU/L
    SHBG - 16,32 (10-80) nmol/L
    Testosterone total - 13,63 (8,69-29,0) nmol/L
    Testosterone Free - 2,31% (1,0%-2,7%)
    Testosterone Bioavailable - 62,5%
    Cortisol total - 531,3 (131-536) nmol/L
    ACTH - 4,89 (1,6-13,9) pmol/L
    FT4 - 11,43 (7,90-14,4) pmol/L
    FT3 - 4,84 (3,8-6,0) pmol/L

    Anti Tg - 13 (neg<100) U/ml
    Anti TPO - 29 (neg<100) U/ml

    04.10.2011 AM
    TSH - 1,86 (0,3-3,6) mIU/L
    FT3 - 4,1 (3,39-6,47) pmol/L
    FT4 - 15,7 (10,3-22,8) pmol/L

    Leukocytes - 6,8 (3,4-9,7)
    Erythrocyte - 5,0 (4,34-5,72)
    Hemoglobin - 158 (138-175)
    Hematocrit - 0,45 (0,415-0,530)
    MCV - 90 (83,0-97,2)
    MCH - 31 (27,4-33,9)
    MCHC - 345 (320-345)
    RDW - 12,6 (9-15)
    Trombocites - 182 (158-424)
    Sedimentation - 6 (2-13)

    Glucose - 4,1 (4,1-6,4)
    Urea - 9,3 (2,3-8,3)
    Creatinine - 95 (63-125)

    AST - 29 (0-38)
    ALT - 37 (0-48)
    GGT - 22 (0-55)
    ALP - 68 (30-120)

    Na - 143 (135-150)
    K - 4,3 (3,5-5,1)

    Anyhow, upon physical examination, thyroid examination and checking the above levels he said I was OK and that I could only take maybe some Selenium supplements.
    After that I decided to try some zinc in the evening and few herbs such as Tribulus, Tongkat Ali, Ginseng without any order, sometimes all together. I did feel some libido improvement at beginning as I recall but the anxiety/bad mood/poor concentration was still present.

    This spring i hit the gym easily again.
    Latter on i decided to go off my medication (Velafax) and after the resting weekend and without any supplements for days I redid my hormone levels:

    04.06.2012 07:30AM
    Estradiol - 94,5 (28-156) pmol/L
    LH - 10,06 (1,7-8,6) IU/L
    FSH - 5,58 (1,5-12,4) IU/L
    Prolactin - 165,8 (86-324) mIU/L
    SHBG - 21,74 (10-80) nmol/L
    Testosterone total - 8,55 (8,69-29,0) nmol/L
    Testosterone Free - 2,26% (1,0%-2,7%)
    Testosterone Bioavailable - 59,0%

    Again another Endocrinologist said it was OK, that I do not need anything since I can grow a beard?! and something about bio-available Testosterone levels...

    Anyhow I would be grateful if somebody could direct me toward what should I take care of, or what should I do? Are my hormone levels fair? Should I do something about it?


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    I can help you if you give me a call!!


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    Not sure how the estradiol and test crossover from measurements, but the test seems very low for 32 and your estradiol is very high.

    I suffered from panic attacks, anxiety and depression along with self image issues. I started testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) and feel much better. I am still on prozac, but dont need any xanax and don't get panic attacks or much anxiety now. I am not depressed and love being outside. I also have a 24/7 boner and love having sex again.

    I am also 32 and my test level was 298 on a scale from 300-1200. My estrogen wasn't very high, but now I keep it in the 29 range. Again, don't know the crossover the the measurement amounts you used. It helped my issues a lot, with the help of my prozac and a clean diet I'm sure. Maybe try to get your estrogen level down and take clomid first to try to kickstart your own test. I had an injury that could not be fixed with meds, so I started testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for life. with clomid for 10 days, my test level went to right under 700. You can search my older posts here to see my actual levels but I should be very close.

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    Welcome. You've come to a good place.

    "Estradiol - 118,3 (28-156) pmol/L"

    Do you know if that E range is for males or for females?

    I agree with Rowdy - it does seem high, and that could be a strong symptom.

    I see your LH levels are high, but I don't know what to make of that. RedLang might chip in here as this is similar (maybe identical?) to what he's experiencing and he knows a lot about this. I'll PM him to make sure he sees this.

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    Best bet is to give Todd a call. He will definitely sort you out.

    In your 2nd set of results your LH is high with low T. On the surface this indicates that the testicles are not responding to the LH. This is called Primary Hypogonadism, but like testosterone, it can fluctuate a fair bit.

    Are you on any medications still? Taking Propecia? Have you also looked at Sleep apnea?

    And for your question, your Testosterone levels are really shot, especially the 2nd test. But it is normal for them to fluctuate 25% at any one time.

    All of your symptoms are classic of Low Testosterone. Oh and you can be hairy with low T!

    I've done a conversion below so you can compare your own results to others. Read up on this forum, plenty of great information to educate yourself.

    Quote Originally Posted by tamoreli View Post
    03.10.2011 08:00AM
    Estradiol - 118,3 (28-156) pmol/L (32)
    Testosterone total - 13,63 (8,69-29,0) nmol/L (374)

    04.06.2012 07:30AM
    Estradiol - 94,5 (28-156) pmol/L (25)
    Testosterone total - 8,55 (8,69-29,0) nmol/L (246)

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    Good info. That is similar to mine. Turns out my testes were not functioning properly due to a vericocele I have had for 10+ years.

    Try the clomid and see what your results are. My test went up, but it showed that the problem was my testes.

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    Hi guys,
    I really appreciate your answers.
    Ranges from my previous posts should be for males.
    I think I have managed to convert my levels into more appropriate measures:

    Albumin 48 g/L (41-51)
    Estradiol - 25.7 pg/ml
    LH - 10,06 (1,7-8,6) IU/L
    FSH - 5,58 mIU/ml
    Prolactin - 3,81 g/l
    SHBG - 21,74 (10-80) nmol/L
    Testosterone total - 246 ng/dL
    Testosterone Free - 5.57 ng/dL

    Anyhow I have just received my Semen analysis and the results are fine - Normozoospermia.
    I stopped using Anti-Depressant meds before my last Hormone testing.
    I am not using any other medications.
    According to my wife I am breathing normally while I sleep.
    To be on the safe side I should mention that I have terribly greasy skin and acne on my back.
    Also as soon as I start working out, I am sweating like a pig.
    My BP is normal about 120/80 , heart rate while still about 65, but I get easily tired and my HR gets over 200 when I push my limits when running on the treadmill.

    Could my high Cortisol be related to anxiety? Cortisol total - 531,3 (131-536) nmol/L ---> 19.2 g/dl

    I will make an appointment with my Endo again and suggest that Clomid approach.
    What should I tell him about my Estrogen levels?

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