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Discussion on Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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    Default Fast T Metabolizer?
    Labs before Androgel 1% (5mg packet):

    Free T 40.1 pg/ml (35.0 - 155.0)
    Total T 231 ng/dl (250 - 1100) Low
    Estradiol 22.3 pg/ml (7.6 - 42.6)

    After 3 weeks Androgel 1%:

    Free T 16.2 pg/ml
    Total T 108 ng/dl
    Estradiol 20.6 pg/ml

    My T levels dropped by more than 50% and my E2 dropped about ~8%. Is this indicative of a fast T metabolizer?

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    IncreasedMyT @ ULV THE-DET-OAK's Avatar
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    No it is indicative that the cream just isn't working man. You shut down your natty and your not getting anything from the gel. Need more or switch.

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    You should switch to test cyp. almost everyone that does notices an improvement. gel is should be for ppl that cant handle needles.

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