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    TRT company places order, then asks me for drivers license number
    I have been using maxhrt, and just placed an order. Was charged, then when I asked (5 days later) for a tracking number I was asked to provide my drivers license number.

    Not sure why.

    I know that maxhrt is no longer a sponsor on the boards (just found out when I logged in to ask this question), but I am unsure of why.

    Should I be concerned with the quality of the product their pharmacy uses?

    Any other concerns?

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    it may have to do with the type of medication...BUT they should have asked for that information WELL before you gave them ANY money

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    I still use them and haven't had any issues.

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    Your drivers license number is needed for any controlled substance, this is how the pharmacy will keep track and report the medication dispensed.

    If you go to the pharmacy nowadays to buy sudafed you have to provide your ID. This is because even these over the counter meds are tracked now.

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    Yep, I had to do the same thing. My clinic keeps my Dl number on file for that purpose. They just started asking for it a couple months ago, probably some new regulation

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