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Discussion on Testosterone Replacement Therapy

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    Default Nipple sensitive
    I have not been feeling very good lately so I went to see my endo I am on TRT. I have been very tiered and libido is down. The first thing he asked me was, am I having and nipple sensitivity or itching I said no but I do for some reason really like it if my wife pinches and pulls on my nipples it feels really good now. He looks at me like a deer in the head lights you know the big eyes and what the fu** did you just say. I then told him I was just kidding I thought he was going to fall out of his chair laughing so hard.

    Just a little something different to read this sight has been very boring lately. I do have a doctor app. on the 17th and I have been very tiered lately and my libido has been off the last few weeks I even went and gave blood yesterday to see if that would make me feel better but nope just more tiered.
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    after i give blood I feel tired for one day. Thats normal because giving blood sucks the life out of you. But 2 days later I feel a lot better after I have rehydrated.

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