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    Self Treatment Protocol?
    Hello all, havent posted in a while some would know iv been on testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) for around 6 months now, recently using nebido injections. Im starting to lose patience with NHS treatment over here in the UK, I have a further appointment with my endo in 4 weeks time but if I dont get assurances about my future treatment I plan on going down the self treatment route.

    I could do with some advice as to what to use to get max benefits from this.

    I plan to start with:

    125mg Sustanon every week
    0.5mg Arimidex EO4

    I also wanted to know if I should add in Stanozolol to help drop SHBG and at what dosage to start with?


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    I used to be firmly against "self medication" in terms of TRT/HRT, but given the lack of support on here recently if I was someone considering testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) I would go this route rather than waiting for call/email that may never come. In your case I think you are starting off on the right foot by going conservative. The key here will be getting regular bloodwork done. Stanozolol will help lower SHBG in most men but I don't use it because I like to keep my protocol limited and haven't seen a need for it. Get some bloodwork done and see where your SHBG is first and then go from there. Best of luck to you.

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    Im due blood work in 3 weeks time before seeing my endo again, SHBG is included in that but im guessing that will be its lowest due to it being 11 weeks since I was injected with Nebido at that point.

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