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    Unhappy Low T at 31 questions?
    [FONT="Arial Black"][/FONT] I have a couple questions any help at all will be appreciative. All throughout my life as far back as I can remember I have always felt horrible been depressed and had very little energy. Even throughout my teens!I had seen many dr's and therapists throughout the years only to be put on antidepressents and sent back home. Finally at the age of 29 I was diagnosed with low t. My dr put me on 50mg of androgel and referred me to a specialist. Now I have been weight training since the age of 18 naturally and I have never touched any kind of steriods n my life but I am still a pretty good size guy 6'2 255. But I am not what you would call ripped by no means but I don't really have much of a gut either. Anyway my test was 104 when I first found out that I had low t and now several years later it is around in the low 500s. Now I have been to several dr's and specialist since I was first diagnosed with low t and I have been on every kind of cream and patch that is available with minimal results. I really don't feel any diff and my test has went up and down throughout this time but has never went over the low 500 mark. I also have a girlfriend and she has a 4 year old boy and I have heard that the cream is dangerous. I have discussed this with all my dr's and told them that I would rather get the injection but for some reason they refuse. They won't even discuss it with me. They All just keep trying to come up with a diff solution and I can't find a dr that will give it to me. I guess my questions are why? Is it because I am already a big guy and they think that im just trying to get it for bodybuilding purposes or what? I have not made much progress with the creams and patches and my sex life is a mess along with my lack of energy and they don't seem to really care or do anything about it plus I still hear that 500 is very low. Why do they not want to go above this? What can I do? I have told them that I still don't feel good and that I don't want my girlfriend and her son to be around the stuff but doesn't seem like they reallly care and I have tried numerous dr's. Any help or advice out there??

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    Sorry to hear your struggle but you've come to the right place. Unfortunately its not all that uncommon. The gels and patches are not worth the trouble as you have found out. Plain and simple your dr sucks and I wouldn't go back.. Find a new dr.

    I signed up with Maximushrt back in nov after having a similar experience and its been the best decision I ever made.

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    Thanks DJ. I will check it out and thank you so much for reading my thread and understanding. I will def go to another dr.

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