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    Understanding testosterone cream percentages?
    Hey guys, I just picked up test cream from a compounding pharmacy.

    Its 50grams. 10% test, 10% chrysin and 5% DHEA, now im just wondering how many mg's of testosterone would be in each 1ml dose?

    For eg.
    this 5% test cream

    they dont say how many mg's is in each ml, they always use percentages. Having a blonde moment, can anyone help me?

    EDIT : found answer, 100mg of test, 100mg chrysin, 50mg dhea per gram
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    The problem with cream is issues with absorbency. You found the answer to your question which is 100mg's of test. Let's say this is true, now the problem is how well you absorb the product through the skin. If you have an underactive thyroid, even subclinical hypothyroidism, it will cause absorbency issues. I've heard stories of many men not absorbing the creams and causing high spikes in estradiol.

    The solution is injections. There is no BS when it comes to absorbency. You inject 100mg's, you get 100mg's.

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