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    Rapid change in weight
    okay so i've been taking cyto gainer about 2 servings a day which has 54 grams of protein, 3 grams of creatine, and 500 calories per serving along with Kre-Alkalyn creatine. I have a super metabolism and eat 5,000 calories spaced out. about 2 weeks ago i weighed 182 pounds and then shot up to 197 as of 3 days ago. i noticed a lot of bloat in my face and no longer had a chiseled look and i also felt some headaches which i think was from so much water retention. i mean when i bit my jaw down and felt my temples on the sides of my head they never moved because they always seemed to be swollen and flexed. so i layed off the cyto gainer starting friday (2 days ago) and i am already back down to 182 (15 pound loss) in just 2 days. I know i was carrying a lot of water weight, but i didn't think i was carrying that much and that you could lose all that water that fast. As of last night i felt muscle contractions all over my body and had to piss a lot. i figured that the contractions were from my muscles releasing the water and i was just pissing everything out. Question is, is this normal to fluctuate in weight like this so rapidily and can it be bad for you?
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    first off that is crazy...... when PhenPhen hit the seen people were dropping 100lb very quick......and then then had heart attacks, then died, then famlies sued phenphen creators........ so lossing a ton of weight very quick is not good for you.... i dont think the 15lb fluc in weight will be to hard on you....but i would be ill if all my weight gains were just pissed out a couple days later......again that is crazy. not a doctor, just my opintion.... i would throw that weight gainer out

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