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    First cycle of M1T complete........
    Well I just finnished my first M1T (underground labs) and let me tell you believe the hype, I know everyone is different and everyone reacts different but I put on 20 soild pounds and am was able to hold 15lbs of it after PCT, this is what my cycle was simple but here is what it looked like non the less:

    M1T 20mgs per day 10mgs in the morn and 10mgs at night

    WBasic Clomid PCT
    Day 1: 300mg
    Day 2 to 10: 100mg

    Basic Nolvadex PCT:
    Days 1 to 14: 40mg ED

    I know the post cycle therapy (pct) is a bit of overkill but I hand the stuff on hand and figured why not.

    By the way the only sides I hand were tiredness ( seem to come and go ) and slight lower back pain.

    I also used Milk Thistle and r-ala 10mgs ed

    For the $9.99 I paid for this stuff it was best investment in supplements I have ever made.....glad I bought 2 more bottles
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    ahhh even i finished my first cycleof 4 weeks , 3 weeks back.. after the first week i thought it was rubbish but it did show its magic after day 10...

    the only prob is the bloated look otehrwise the product rockzzzzz

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    I agree M1T is awesome.

    I have only used 10 mgs for a few 2 weekers, but compared to 500 mg of regular test, M1t is 10 times better.

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