BIG BLAST: Is It Really THAT Great?

We know it sounds almost too good to be true, but all you need to do is follow the reasoning behind this revolutionary formula and it'll be plain to see what makes BIG BLAST head and heels over everything else.

SUPERIOR Protein: First, we decided to use the finest whey isolate Protein available. Our Cross Flow Microfiltration (CFM)Protein assures a superior lactose free denatured Protein (99.9%) with the highest percentage of BCAA's an absolute MUST for tissue repair and regeneration.

INNOVATIVE GROWTH FACTORS: Next, we added our "Secret Ingredient" (This is exciting.) It's our patented Super Plasma Serum made from Immunoglobulin Concentrate. This amazing discovery far surpassed the nitrogen retaining qualities of any other Protein. It's flavorless and colorless and it contains the highest concentration of IGF-1 of any substance that is currently legal. And in case you didn't know, IGF-1 (insulin like growth factor) is the substance all the pros are dying to get their hands on not surprising, since IGF-1 sends muscle growth into overdrive! Studies show that Super Plasma Serum increased lean body mass without an increase in calories! That's because it's instantly recognized as usable nitrogen in the bloodstream and requires no digestive process. Plus, the actual Protein molecule is larger than any other source of Protein, allowing for greater tissue building capabilities. Don't expect to find this ingredient in our competitors so called weight gainers¯. Most companies just cut corners by using inexpensive fillers and ineffective "window dressing"¯ ingredients, and then they pocket the savings. Super Plasma Serum is exclusive to BIG BLAST.We wanted BIG BLAST to be the Rolls Royce of size promoting supplements so we spared no expense and included a hefty dose of Super Bovine Serum. It HAD to be in there. It's a fact; nothing this side of a prescription drug works as well for promoting anabolism. You have to experience how great this stuff is for yourself.

MUSCLE VOLUMIZERS: Also included is our one-of-a-kind combination of ingredients that fill your muscles with vital fluids and nutrients without smoothing you out. Now, everyone knows that good old Creatine is one of the most proven supplements in terms of adding strength and size and BIG BLAST contains the purest form of creatine that will not degrade into creatinine.

Then we blended our special creatine formula with Nitric Oxide (NO2) enhancer that is THREE TIMES as powerful as the NO2 products being sold today. This is due to additional ingredients that multiply the Nitric Oxide hemodialation process. You won’t believe the incredible pumps you’ll get when you take this prior to your workout! And the pump last long after you leave the gym. Do you wish you could get that tight, full skin stretching vascular look that was only though possible with the use of anabolics? You can get it with BIG BLAST. And Big is what you’ll get!

WERE NOT FINISHED YET! Look at what else BIG BLAST contains.. Whole Egg for the essential hormone production from “good” cholesterol. (Note: Don’t be fooled by other companies that claim they reproduced the amino ratio of human mother’s milk. This was first proposed by the revolutionary chemist Rheo Blair in 1965 and has been attempted to be imitated (unsuccessfully) ever since. However, it was the egg yolk in the original Rheo Blair Protein that caused the great gains in those who used it. But comparing that Protein or any of its off-shoots to Big Blast is like comparing a Model T Ford to a Ferrari! BIG BLAST blows away anything and everything past or present!)

Developed in collaboration with world-leading medical researchers, the long-chain carbohydrates in BIG BLAST provide significant performance advantages over standard carbohydrates. This includes: Accelarated delivery of vital energy, enhanced absorption. RILOSE works 20-30% faster than standard glucose or dextrose) because it has been digested through a patented enzymatic process. Testing has shown that RILOSE is absorbed into the bloodstream faster than any other carb source thus increasing “intercellular hydration.” Basically what that means is the muscle tissue absorbs more fluids and nutrients without the subcutaneous water retention that lies under the skin and blurs definition. Instead, RILOSE will transport all the amino and growth agents deep into your hard training muscle fibers instantly. Since RILOSe is a natural sugar, it gives BIG BLAST a rich, sweet flavor without any chemical after-taste. The fruit flavors are like the best smoothie you'll ever have and the chocolate and vanilla are really like an old fashioned ice cream parlor milkshake!

And to top it all off, we included special digestive enzymes so that all of the precious ingredients are assimilated and utilized to their fullest.

If you just want extra Protein, any brand will do. But if you want a "super food" that will multiply your chances of getter bigger, then BIG BLAST is the undeniable choice. With virtually no advertising it's come to be known by advanced bodybuilders as the ultimate Protein drink. But don;t take our word for it. Just ask anyone who's tried it. They'll tell you. BIG BLAST is the best! AND, it's delicious!

No more waste! NO more bloat! Now you can make the most of every muscle building amino you take in! Don’t let your starved muscles wait for nourishment. Feed them the high octane fuel that only BIG Blast can provide. If you want to stand out from the rest, you gotta get BIG. Get big, with BIG BLAST.

Big Blast, Protein Factory - $25.99 : ***** Nutrition