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    The value of a community
    We all workout and carry on our lives within a certain community. I recently had to make a big move in my life and lost all community and friends that I had. I had to start over ultimately. Starting over in social areas wasn't that difficult for me but the most difficult thing was to find a community that supported my lifting and dieting habits, which as a result, suffered greatly after my move.

    We tend to think that we are in this game for ourselves...but when no one is watching, will you keep going? It took me a long time to find the value of being strong and in shape for the sole purpose of making myself happy when I lost my community. What are the communities like where you guys are lifting? Whatever they are...appreciate them because THEY keep you going more than you yourself does.
    Get better at what you're good at.

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    Agree with you 100 percent. I m in my little town here near the GULF of Mexico as it s comfortable and affordable. It affords me the oppurtunity to travel, my hobby and the airport is 3 minutes away or 14 dollars in a cab.

    I know where to not go at night and my neighborhood is almost crime free.

    My gym is the most sociol enviroment I immerse myself bar if you will. I b-s with a few guy s and ladies prior to training, between body parts or after I m done.

    There s a hardcore gym 2 miles away but I m not hard core so what s the point.

    And like most humans change is uncomfortable and takes adjusting.

    For the first time since college I feel ...content.

    I wish the same for you dtone.

    I don t do well in crowds anymore...especially where the primary focus is to DRINK. I seem to be a magnet for assholes who feel the need for proving themselves. When I do venture out it s for a short duration

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    nice post. i think youre right. i used to be dangerously skinny and would get picked on and such. now i feel like i have something to prove almost. to myself and to others

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    I've lost everyone around me before too. I've been into fitness for me never anyone else it makes me feel good.

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    Well said man! The community of friends that we surround ourselves with have a very strong impact on our habits and lifestyle choices. I've made the same type of move and felt the same pain of restarting. Sometimes you find that the social climate is 180 degrees from what you were used to.
    But we have to get out there and find our like minded brothers!

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