Alright, I have been buzzin around the boards long enough and thought i would formally introduce myself.

Names killacrazy, I am a 32 year firefighter from, Canada. I started training @ 16 and have been off and on since then, my stats r 5'8'' 180lbs @ 15%BF

I am looking at starting my first PH cycle in the next few weeks and was looking for some thoughts on a cycle based off the items i currently have:

1 Bottle of Havoc
1 Bottle of Halo-extreme
1 Bottle of trenazone

2 bottles of nova
1 bottle of cycle support
1 bottle of Pct Assist
a ton of DAA

this is just what i have currently on hand
Also I did a cycle of AAS 7 years ago (just for alittle more back ground)

My goals are to be 180lbs-185lbs by December and drop bf from 15% to 8%, current weight is 180lbs!

any thoughts feedback, would be greatly appreciated! thanks