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    Final Results - 6 Weeks on AndroLean / AndroHard
    I started a leaning cycle on March 14th when PP released the AndroLean and AndroHard components of their AndroSeries. Leaning ran for 6 weeks.

    I ran a log on PP's forum for the duration documenting by progress and impressions of the product - likes and dislikes.

    This post duplicates the final report entry of that total log which ran from start through following post cycle therapy (pct). I thought my final opinions and results might be of interest to people here curious how these products performed for at least one person. It you're interested, you can read the whole log here:

    NOTE: Day 0 and Day 42 Pics at the bottom of this report

    Final Report from AL / AH Log Follows Verbatim

    Here's the final on the AL/AH phase of my cycle. Ran 6 weeks and not 4 weeks. I've kept the original below for context which outlined all 3 originally planned phases - 4 wks Leaning / 4 weeks post cycle therapy (pct) / 4 weeks AM. Interesting how things have changed as I learned more and made adjustments to my progress and product availability

    First some General Conclusions, then the Week 6 Update with Day 0, 21, 28 and 42 pics and finally a What's Next.


    This one stat says it all for me - BF down 6+%, scale moved just under 7 lbs, avg aggregate delta gain in lifting weight 9.2%.

    Compare this approach - beginning of January I weighed 198. I went on a fairly clean diet (fairly = one cheat day of anything). In 10 weeks I dropped 15 lbs by the scale - 198 to 183, my weight when I started this cycle. Avg aggregate delta loss in lifting weight -16.3%. I moved the scale in 2 months, but I lost significant strength. Worst was in my chest, down 32%.

    I have never lost weight easily, not even when I was in my twenties, lifting and spending hrs a day in a dojo. It's always been a very painful many month program of strict diet and slow progress.

    AL / AH in 6 weeks has done what I would be hard-pressed to do in at least 9 months of dedication. Honestly - to loose the same BF and work back the strength for my body type would have been at least a 3 cycle lean/mass run done natty plus stims and strict diet.

    Heartily recommend this stack to anyone wanting a leaning recomp. I'm 54, birthday is today. If this stack works for me like this, it's going to be killer for young athletes in their prime. And there's some great logs going now that show that.

    Thanks to all you out there that have spent the time reading, supporting and giving advise. It mattered. Gotta give credit where it is due. I had to work at this, but my end result is 1/3 me, 1/3 PP product and 1/3 the guys on this forum that kept me on track and moving - no BS.



    • Week 1 3x2 AL
    • Week 2-4 3x2 AL, 3x2 AH
    • Week 5-6 AL 4x2 (6a.m. & Noon), AH 1x1, 1x1, 4x1 (6a.m., Noon, 6pm)

    Last 2 weeks I did up AL to 1 over recommended dose. No sides, all positive and it did seem to help reduce the AH sides I felt.


    6 Week loss - 6.8 lbs with Cycle low at 176.2 (Day 41)

    • Week 1 - Day 7: 179.6 Down 3.9 lbs - 183.6 3/13 to 179.7 3/20
    • Week 2 - Day 14: 179.8 Overall Down 3.7 lbs. Climbed up to 182.6 Day 11. Then brought down
    • Week 3 - Day 21: 178.0 Overall Down 5.6 lbs. Week low was 177.6, Day 20.
    • Week 4 - Day 28: 177.7 Overall Down 5.9 lbs. Week low was 176.9(Day 27)
    • Week 5 - Day 35: 178.3 Overall Down 5.3 lbs. Week low was 177.9(Day 30)
    • Week 6 - Day 42: 176.8 Overall Down 6.8 lbs. Week


    • Day 42 - 14.4%.
    • Day 21 - 17.1%
    • Day 0 - Reported 16.9%, but in log I tell that the Day 0 reading wasn't done right. If you look at the loss from Day 0 to Day 21 & consider Day 21 to Day 42 is about 3%, my estimate is my starting BF was easily over 20%, probably more like 23-25%.

    Total loss 6% BF. Think it was more, but that's still damn good even with a conservative figure.

    Strong and active, stayed so the full 6 weeks. Nice, unplanned benie!


    Gains throughout the program, only one week flat where I pushed calories and carbs too low for my body type and was struggling with both strength and stamina. Bumped back and no problems.

    Good throughout, parallels comments in Strength section. As long as I ate every few hours in a day and didn't push my calories below 1600 / day I was still good to go at the end of a workout. Only thing stopping me was common sense - couldn't afford to lapse into over-training.

    Same comments as Stamina, much lower than usual.


    Increased slightly towards the end, but never really strong or a problem.

    None throughout cycle

    No retention throughout cycle, between product, cardio and daily sauna I was running pretty dry.

    Dropped on cycle. Today 97/64. Not bad for 54.

    None at all.

    No problem eating, no hunger cravings, well-balanced & in control.


    I tried a different variations of calories and carbs throughout. Lowest was 1321 cals & 32 carbs, highest was a couple of days in the +2000 over the 6 weeks. Protein throughout as in the 1.6 - 1.75 g/lb LBM and met throughout. Fat varied from 72 - 120 g/days.

    I found below 60g carbs and 1600 calories a day I stalled regardless of protein or fat intakes to plan.

    Best for me was a daily target of ~1850 cals, 80g carbs, 260g protein, 90g fat.


    Cycle Likes

    • Fantastic fat burning efficiency
    • Done while posting lean mass gains as proved by strength increases throughout
    • Great active energy for workouts and sports
    • Fun times with a great libido boost

    Cycle Dislikes

    • Grapefruit delivery base was Ok for me single product use (AL or AH), but stacking required some dosage balancing to get rid of stomach churn and "grapefruit burps". After I figured it out, no problems. Post-log Note: PP changed the formula, the AM I'm running now gives me no "grapefruit burps".
    • Negative impact for passive or cognitive activities - hard to sit in one place and focus, always feeling like I need to get up and do something. Scheduled a lot of design and product meetings the last 6 weeks at work
    • AH side effects impacted mental clarity and focus. Not for everybody (see logs), but I was in the minor case. While manageable with dosing, always "a little off" mentally. Just the reverse of AL. After I did my 6 pm dose of AH I spent a lot of evenings getting caught up on my movie watching. Left me a little "vegetative" mentally.
    • I look so small ... I know. 4 months ago I was lifting more weight and thought I looked Ok. Denial. Carrying that "psuedo-bulk" fat layer like some rail-thin Hollywood comic book hero in a neoprene muscle suit. Basic LBM calculation - strip the fat away and what you have left is what you are. Scary when I think as much better as I look now I'm still carrying about 25 lbs of fat! Have the will, have the food, now I need my AndroMass. Replace that suit with something real.


    • 4 weeks of post cycle therapy (pct)
    • 4-6 weeks of a Mass product, hopefully AM & AH (so for now let's stick to that assumption)

    post cycle therapy (pct) starts tomorrow, a standard-issue PP: TRS & TCF-1 and I'm adding a bottle of Phytotest. Plus an all-star cast of sups to go with my post cycle therapy (pct) and fuel growth - BCAA, L-Glutamine, Creatine Monohydrate, variety of short, quick, long proteins, etc.

    Going to kick in some stims during the day and pre-workout. I stayed off stims during AL / AH somewhat because I wanted to know the loss was from those products and not a combo but mainly because I want to use them now in post cycle therapy (pct) as an added help to keep the BF down. So now I'm "clean" in that area and a 4 week use run should be cool.

    Still a couple of undecideds like -

    • whether I do a 4 or 6 week AndroMass & when I bring in AH
    • do I precede that with AL / AH "warm-up" phase to "cleanp-up" and push off more BF. If I do this it would mean 2 weeks AL/AH & then 4 weeks AM/AH, forcing AM to 4 weeks as I won't go more than 6 weeks on a cycle.

    Preceding will probably be decided on a) how well I keep BF under control on post cycle therapy (pct) and b) whether AM is here at the end of my post cycle therapy (pct) or not

    I'm pretty much a top percentile, type-A personality, so I'll probably go for the 6 week run I doubt I'll go back to AL / AH first. I know my body and I know I can lose BF during a mass cycle with a clean diet, so for this round I will likely try that approach first.

    For sure I will start the first few days AM w/o AH - I need to evaluate sides w/o AH interaction. You know I had some trouble there with AH. Eric has told me there are a minor percentage of people who get hit with lethargy on AM. I can control AH now, but I want to step into AM to see how I react.

    Post-log Note: All this is verbatim from April 24th - I did decide to go right to AndroMass after post cycle therapy (pct) and I'm logging that here on Steriodology.


    #1 is Day 0 outside. #2,3 are Day 42 outside in the a.m. #4,#5 are Day 42 inside in the afternoon, one at the gym & one at home. I also have Day 21 & 28 photos but could only put so many at a time.
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    Amateur Bodybuilder Rodja's Avatar
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    Very, very big thank you for the comprehensive review. I wish I kept track of everything as diligently as you did.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rodja View Post
    Very, very big thank you for the comprehensive review. I wish I kept track of everything as diligently as you did.
    My pleasure - literally! I had a blast doing the log. Really kept me focused and on top of what I was doing.

    Getting it public gave me the drive to do more. & yeah, a record I wouldn't have kept on my own

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    Bumping this up

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    Awesome and super comprehensive review. Thank you Beatheart and great job on your results. Your ready for summer now id say.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Good Grip View Post
    Awesome and super comprehensive review. Thank you Beatheart and great job on your results. Your ready for summer now id say.
    Thanks, Good Grip. Will be ready once I add a little more meat on these bones.

    Workin' on that

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beatheart View Post
    Thanks, Good Grip. Will be ready once I add a little more meat on these bones.

    Workin' on that
    Maybe some Andromass for you before the summer is over???

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    Yo Beatheart, did you take waist measurements at all?

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    Beatheart, I saw that testimony and pics made it into the new updated before and after thread over at our homesite. Congrats bro.

    Also if your thinking of picking up more Andromass, this is the time to do it. We have our Buy one get one free sale on the Androseries.

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