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    Proper dosage help from mg to ml???
    I am trying to reverse some gyno that I currently have after taking a PH called Cyclo Bolan. I was told OC PCT would be sufficient however I was obviously told wrong.

    Anyways after many days of research and actually finding an article on this website I decided to purchase some letro and Tamox to run to reverse my gyno.
    I am new to taking any type of SERM or related products so I am trying to make sure I do everything going forward correct.

    According to the article that I found for reversing gyno I need to take letro for approximately 15 days and then basically 15 days of Tamox. However I am confused on how to take the dosage. I found this link to help with the break down of the dosages but I am still not 100% sure. On the bottle of the liquid letro it says 30ml 2.5mg/ml. I am suppose to take it according to this (which is broken down in mg measurements):

    Day 1- .50mg
    Day 2- 1.0mg
    Day 3- 1.5mg
    Day 4-2.0mg
    Day 5- 2.5mg --> Day 10 continue 2.5mg
    Day 11- 20mg
    Day 12-1.5 mg
    Day 14- .50mg
    Day 15- .25mg
    Day 16-22 nolva (20mg)
    Day 23-29 nolva (10mg)

    The bottle of liquid nolva/tamox is labeled 50ml 20mg/ml

    I purchased 3 ml oral syringes that have ml/cc on the measurement and
    I also have another oral syringe that is broken down from .1ml-1ml.

    How do I figure how much I should take for these two products as this breakdown is in MG and I need to break it down to ml???
    I am obviously not good at Math! Please help.

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    Your letro says it is 2.5mg/mL correct? So if day 1 it says take .5mg, that would be 1/5 of a mL, since .5 goes into 2.5 five times. To figure out the mL equivalent, look at it like this. 2.5mg Letro=1mL Letro. So when it asks you to take 2.0mg Letro, do it like this: 2.0mg/2.5mg=.8mL. Using your .1mL increment syringe, that would be easy to see you can fill it to .8mL. When it asks you to take 2.5mg, that is simple, fill the whole syringe, 1mL.

    Or you can just calculate what .5mg is and use it as a building block. We've figured out that .5mg Letro=1/5 of a mL, which is 2/10 of a mL, and 2/10 as a decimal is .2mL. So for .5mg you would use .2mL in the syringe. When it asks for 1mg, say .2mL+.2mL, which is .4mL. For 2mg, .2mLx4=.8mL.

    For the Nolva, it says 20mg is 1 mL. So when it tells you to take 20mg, take the whole 1mL syringe. When it says take 10mg, use half the syringe, .5mL.

    And hopefully you never run a PH without a SERM lined up again.

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    Thanks for the info... Nope learned my lesson and never again will I go without a serm...

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